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Mist cooling systems are ideal for use in outdoor and indoor applications to bring relief from the high temperatures experienced in Australia during the summer months. 

CoolMist Systems Australia professionally designed misting systems cool the surrounds by spraying ultra-fine mist that flash evaporates upon contact with hot air. Heat is absorbed instantly which lowers the temperature considerably (up to 15°C), immediately resulting in a cooler environment. 

Our systems provide you with a cool and refreshing environment all summer long without wetting surrounds (residual moisture) or increasing humidity when operated correctly. The hotter and drier the air, the faster the mist cloud evaporates making our systems performance even more impressive. 

CoolMist Systems Australia provides you with quality Mist Systems through premium products engineered to high quality standards. Stylish and aesthetically pleasing, our range of products will complement and create visual appeal to any situation. 

CoolMist® misting systems are used in many areas in Mining Operations, Industrial Facilities, Hospitality, Commercial and Residential properties plus many more. Our mist cooling systems are also used for protecting animals and livestock from heat stress. 

CoolMist® outdoor mist cooling systems are a versatile solution for climate control.

CoolMist Systems Australia offers a variety of misting system options, installation methods and innovative technologies to give you the right cooling effect anywhere it is required to provide relief from the heat.  

Choose from CoolMist® high pressure mist line systems, mist fans or a combination of both.

Mist lines are available in semi-rigid nylon or stainless steel and are generally fixed around the perimeter to create a curtain of mist which cools the air. This system relies on natural airflows to move the air around. 

Our wall mounted mist fans and 360 mist (ceiling) fans use a combination of evaporative and convective cooling (wind chill factor) which adds extra cooling power. The cooled air is circulated over a larger more direct area by the speed of the fan.   Ideal for areas where there is no or limited natural airflow. 

Both CoolMist® static line systems and mist fan systems operate with our high pressure 1,000 psi pumps, this is vital for the best cooling performance. 

Benefits of mist cooling systems

  • Quickly cools the area by reducing the air temperature
  • Instant evaporation resulting in no wetting of people or surrounds
  • Natural odour suppressant
  • Deters flies and other pesky insects
  • Manual or Programmable high-pressure pumps
  • Environmentally friendly using extremely low power and water
  • Running costs are low
  • Low maintenance system

Working with you, we will design the right system for your needs. CoolMist Systems Australia's expert team are here for you every step of the way. Our cost-effective mist cooling systems give consistent results, are efficient, easy to maintain and engineered for long-lasting performance. 

Let our team help you find the right cooling solution with our professional advice, design and installation service. 

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