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Mist line and mist fan systems are used in many areas around the minesite to keep staff and work processes cool.

A cool and temperate working environment is essential to the well-being of your employees and the environment

Heat has a significant health and environmental impact associated within many areas of the mining industry. Heat stress is known to affect mine workers in at least five different ways: health, safety, productivity, morale and cost. Heat stress can lead to breakdowns and shortened life spans for plant and equipment. 

CoolMist System Australia's wide range of unique solutions address the environmental and human impact that heat and temperature have. Our misting systems are designed to operate where air-conditioning is not viable, practical or affordable. These energy saving units have low electrical consumption and can be placed anywhere throughout the site to provide extensive cooling without wetness.

Proven, Efficient and Effective Cooling Methodology

High pressure misting systems, also referred to as fog systems, are the most effective and economically viable means of cooling. Compared to traditional cooling systems, mist systems are far more economical and efficient. CoolMist® mist systems avoid moisture problems of common water spray type systems, and have low power, low water consumption and lower maintenance resulting a lower operational costs.

Cooling System Solutions – Tailored for your site

Working with you we will tailor an effective cooling system to your unique facility rather than using a one size fits all approach. We’ll design your system so that misting is concentrated where it is needed most, cooling the air without wetting the process material, your equipment and facilities. This may be inside or outside - our systems can be adapted to any area as required. 

Misting systems are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your requirements. Our industrial misting systems can be designed to be either fixed or portable to provide you with maximum effectiveness. Automated controls allow you complete flexibility to adjust to your facility requirements.

High-Pressure Misting Systems, High-Pressure Misting Fans and High-Pressure Mobile Mist Fans are very effective in combating heat related problems. Our misting systems can be placed anywhere throughout the mine and provide extensive cooling without wetness.

CoolMist Systems Australia design, supply and install high pressure misting systems tailored to suit your site’s particular needs. These high pressure systems are the key to effective cooling with low cost implications. Cooling with a high pressure system is cost effective and sustainable. 

We supply the total package including installation and commissioning if required, locally and interstate to help you create a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

Powerful cooling solutions for mining facilities with industrial fogging systems, such as workshops, motor generator rooms, recreational spaces & pre-cooling HVAC, from CoolMist.

Powerful cooling solutions for mining facilities with industrial fogging systems, such as workshops, motor generator rooms, recreational spaces & pre-cooling HVAC, from CoolMist.

Benefits of the CoolMist® Cooling System

  • Lower temperature by up to 15 degrees 
  • Cooler environment results in machinery operating more efficiently with less breakdowns 
  • Less wear and tear on equipment reducing maintenance costs 
  • Does not wet your surrounds - process material, machinery and personnel stay dry 
  • Cleans the air for a healthier environment 
  • Lower operating costs – uses only a fraction of power consumed by conventional systems 
  • Higher productivity – safer, cooler and more comfortable workplace resulting in lower absenteeism and injuries

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