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Prevent dehydration of plants by keeping the temperature at a constant level. Greenhouse misting systems for cooling and humidification.

Misting and fogging systems for humidification and environmental control for greenhouses, garden centres and propagation.

The correct temperature and humidity level is essential to seedling development, plant growth and disease prevention. By keeping these levels constant, it encourages healthy thriving plants and maximises plant growth. 

In Australia, misting systems have become invaluable for greenhouse climate control. Our high pressure mist humidification systems are an efficient solution to the problems associated with high temperatures and low humidity levels. 

CoolMist Systems Australia's misting and fog-based solutions help prevent your greenhouse overheating which can result in poor plant growth and tissue damage. Our high-pressure (70 bar) systems regulate and maintain temperature, humidity and moisture content within your greenhouse environment to provide the ideal micro-climate ensuring better plant growth and increased yields.

Combining a high-pressure water supply with precision engineered nozzles, micro-fine mist is generated and evaporates, extracting heat energy from the air which lowers the temperature and increases humidity at the same time. Controlled remotely by the system, much-needed moisture, and humidity levels are restored to optimum growing conditions while also cooling the air across the entire greenhouse. The environment created eliminates plant water stress, wards off disease and promotes vigorous and healthy growth.

Humidity and temperature control solutions - tailored to your site

A professionally designed and installed mist humidification system can lower the temperature by up to 15°C, monitor and maintain the right humidity level for your crop.

Working with you we will tailor an effective and efficient mist cooling system to your greenhouse rather than a one size fits all approach. Whether you have a small, medium or a multi-hectare greenhouse, we'll design your system to achieve humidification and cooling by evaporation without fallout or wetness. Our technology achieves continuous and even distribution of fog to maintain a stable environment.

Our misting systems can be easily installed to new and existing greenhouses. CoolMist Systems Australia's high quality fully automated misting systems let you set the ideal climate for your plants and allow you and your workers to focus on other tasks. 

The environment achieved by our systems is suitable for greenhouses, garden centres, mushroom cultivation, propagation and seed germination of many fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. 

Our systems offer many different combinations, consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your set-up. 

CoolMist® Systems components include:

  • Large range of high-pressure (70 bar) pump modules to meet any need
  • High pressure flexible or stainless-steel atomisation line for even fog distribution
  • Precision fog nozzles sized to the specific greenhouse crop 
  • Mist fans either wall or 360 degree for greenhouses that require air circulation
  • Humidistat and temperature control devices
  • Single zone / multizone configurations 
  • Water filtration lessens potential nozzle blockage
  • UV lamp disinfection system 

CoolMist® Humidification Systems feature:

  • Fine water atomisation does not deposit on cultivation 
  • Humidistat and temperature regulate and provide optimal greenhouse conditions 
  • Single zone / multizone configurations
  • Low volume water use and energy efficient reduces overall operating cost  
  • Low maintenance system 

    Benefits of the CoolMist® Greenhouse and Climate control system

    • Improved plant quality and uniform growth
    • Improved yields from healthy, stronger plants 
    • Prevent growth lag caused by unfavourable climatic conditions
    • Inhibit disease and reduce crop loss during rooting, germination and propagation
    • Grow year-round in any climate
    • Less plant stress and better crop production
    • Increased overall greenhouse productivity 
    • Improved working conditions for staff 

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