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Misting and Fogging Effects

Enhance and Showcase your Project with Subtle or Spectacular Fog Effects.

Looking for innovative special effects to give your project that “Wow Factor”. CoolMist Systems Australia offers fog effects and misting solutions to create a visual impact, set the mood or tone for outdoor landscapes and themed environments.        

Special effects misting can add dimension, impact or accentuate many design elements or it can be used to highlight a focal point within a design. 

Special Effects Misting for Landscape, Water, Art and Film Sets

Gentle fog used in landscaping projects can provide mood, interest and add a misty atmosphere to create an early morning, mysterious or rainforest feel. 

Billowing clouds of fog can create intrigue and captivate the imagination. Misting systems provide a unique and exciting way to add visual impact and dramatic effects to water features, garden areas, walkways, landscaping, zoo exhibits and amusement theme park rides.

Mist and fog effects can be integrated to create a focus point, a tropical atmosphere, generate suspense or an eerie spooky feel using pure water without the use of chemicals.

When combined with decorative lighting it adds a special atmosphere, day or night to provide a different feel.

Natural forces like a gentle breeze can change the shape of fog for an ever-changing ambience when used in sculpture and art exhibits.

Whether you are looking for fog effects for garden design, civic areas, art or sculpture pieces, pool settings or on film sets, our high pressure misting systems are safe, reliable and discreet. Our misting systems can be used to mimic smoke, create a dense fog or precipitation without making you damp.

CoolMist® fog and mist effects are extremely versatile and can be used in many applications to enhance and showcase your project with a subtle or spectacular visual impact. 

Mist special effects are used in but not limited to:

  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Zoos
  • Rainforest areas and jungle scenes
  • Botanical gardens
  • Water fountains
  • Water play areas
  • Theme parks and rides
  • Landscape features
  • Lighting effects
  • Pools
  • Advertising Signs and billboards
  • Sculpture and artworks
  • Arenas
  • Resorts
  • Film set fog effects
  • Smoke effects
  • Steam effects
  • Fogscapes and mistscapes

Our tailored misting systems will help bring your vision to life, consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your project.

Landscape and Themed Fog Effects FAQs


Effects for landscape, creative and theatrical themes commonly use artificial fog or smoke machines. To create the special effect, these machines use chemical or oil-based substances to reproduce synthetic mist.

CoolMist® create special effects with water in place of chemically based products. Our high-pressure systems offer a safe alternative and produce a natural fog on demand to highlight and create an interesting and visual display.

Our special effects misting, and fogging systems are tailored and built specific to your project.

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