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Industrial humidification and climate control systems are essential in many industries for precise relative humidity and moisture content control.

CoolMist® high pressure mist systems have been used in many applications where industrial humidification is needed.

The versatility of our misting systems enables them to regulate humidity and temperature to maintain the optimal environment in plant propogation, timber and wood processing, fresh produce display and cold room storage and bulk wine storage rooms. 

Our misting systems use high pressure water atomisation to control an environment's moisture content, evaporation and static charge, and are crucial where humidity and temperature levels can affect health, productivity and profitability. 

Benefits of humidity and climate control systems in industrial and commercial environments:

  • Fresh produce display and storage: maintain moisture content and reduce wastage
  • Greenhouse facilities: promote optimum growing conditions and increase plant health,  improve yield quality and profitability throughout the plant growth cycle 
  • Timber storage facilities: maintain Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC), and prevent (undue stress and dimensional changes to wood) swelling, splitting or cracking. Thereby maintaining product stability and quality
  • Wine storage: reduce evaporation rate and keep more of the ‘angels share’ in the barrel
  • Medicinal Cannabis: allow crops to thrive with optimal temperature and humidity levels throughout the entire plant lifecycle.  

CoolMist® humidification systems can be tailored to industry specific needs and your unique climate control requirements.

Automated controls and climate sensors can be used to monitor and regulate environmental conditions. This allows the humidity and temperature to remain at the correct level needed in your industry/facility to keep the environment stable and your product at its best. 

Let our expert team help you solve your humidity and climate control problem with professional advice, design and installation service.

CoolMist® systems feature:

  • Large range of high-pressure (70 bar) pump modules to meet any need
  • High pressure flexible or stainless-steel atomisation line for even fog distribution
  • Precision fog nozzles sized to the specific application / purpose
  • Mist fans either wall or 360 degree for greenhouses that require air circulation
  • Humidistat and temperature control devices
  • Single zone / multizone configurations 
  • Water filtration lessens potential nozzle blockage
  • UV lamp disinfection system 
  • Power and water efficient
  • Require minimal maintenance 

Our systems offer many different combinations. Consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your set-up. 

CoolMist® humidification systems are used in the following applications:

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