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Our misting systems create cool outdoor spaces for patrons and allow businesses to maximise valuable seating capacity.

Mist Cooling Systems in outdoor areas for hospitality venues

Misting Systems in Australia are the cooling solution of choice for innovative business operators.

When temperatures are hot, instead of opting out of outside entertainment at hospitality venues customers can stay cool and refreshed with high-pressure mist systems. By providing relief from the heat you can turn an under-utilised area into a well patronised space, increasing your trade over the summer period. Attract more customers to your business and keep them there by providing a cool, comfortable, relaxed and virtually fly free area using a CoolMist® Misting System. 

Efficient, reliable and versatile outdoor cooling systems

During the summer months, commercial misting systems run long hours, 7 days a week, therefore when you invest in a misting solution you want a system that you can depend on. Our strong, high-quality purpose built fog systems provide you durable, efficient and reliable service under demanding conditions and cost far less to run than conventional air-conditioning systems.

Add value and comfort to your alfresco spaces with our outdoor cooling systems

A well-designed mist cooling system makes a remarkable addition to your business and will run at optimal performance and cost efficiency. Our mist cooling systems combine design simplicity and integration to give cafes, restaurants, pubs, bistros, outdoor smoking areas, gaming areas and roof-top bars a sleek, contemporary finish. 

Advantages with CoolMist®:

  • Lower the temperature of your outdoor areas by up to 15°C in seconds
  • Improve your clients experience and make it even more enjoyable with a cool, relaxed and fly-free environment
  • Maintain a steady revenue base and increase customer loyalty
  • Your customers will stay longer increasing your profits and maximising your investment
  • Extend trade and allow your facility to use normally dormant areas
  • Make your venue a place clients want to return to, to increase your trade
  • Creates visual appeal and attracts passerbys 
  • Naturally suppresses smoke and odours and provides a healthier work environment

CoolMist Systems Australia provide custom designed systems, professional installation as well as self-installation kits complete with detailed DIY instructions. 

CoolMist® outdoor cooling systems have been installed in hotels, bars, restaurants, golf resorts, pubs and beer gardens, cafes, wineries and theme parks Australia-Wide. Whether you need outdoor cooling in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other part of Australia, CoolMist Systems Australia can provide you with the ultimate outdoor cooling system to keep you cool and refreshed.

Our systems are:

  • Economical and Reliable 
  • Energy efficient, low running costs
  • Environmentally friendly with very low water use
  • Quality equipment and components
  • Minimal maintenance required


  • Cyclic misting with a programmable timer dictates work / pause times
  • Automated operation keeps you cool and dry
  • Automatic anti-drip system prevents residual moisture 

"Thank you for supplying your wonderful CoolMist® System for our Beer Garden. Being in the Pilbara the area was very uncomfortable for our customers. Now all the customers enjoy the outdoors in comfort. They are even calling to reserve a table to ensure they don’t miss out. I must also commend you on your friendly and prompt service. I have no hesitation in recommending your company." - Redsands Tavern

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