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Tailored odour suppression solutions for industries such as cement manufacturing, waste water treatment, organic waste transfer, abattoirs, rendering plants, fast food industry and more...

Odour suppression is combated through the use of misting systems or ultrasound technology combined with our proprietary odour neutralising products. This method zeros malodourous emissions and effectively controls the dispersement of smells resulting in a cleaner, better smelling environment. 

We also have non-misting solutions to help you control odours at home, business, school, transport, hospitals and aged care facilities. Our commercial and industrial grade odour products and equipment assist you to quickly and effectively remove those unwanted odours that come from strong, concentrated smells and accidental spills. 

Benefits of CoolMist® odour suppression mist system:

  • Up to 95% reduction of odours 
  • Protect neighbouring communities from odour emissions and reduce complaints 
  • Conforming to EPA standards Natural formula of essential oil and plant extract components 
  • Clean, Safe and Natural, no dangerous chemicals

Let our expert team help you solve your odour problem with our professional advice, design and installation service. 

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