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Misting fans, Mist lines and Specialty products for Retail Centres, Outdoor Malls, Schools, Day Care, Sport Stadiums, Marquee Functions, Theme Parks, Creative theme fog effects, Event hire.

Commercial misting systems are a great choice for retail properties and public projects.

Misting systems are put to good use in Outdoor Shopping centres, Parks and Recreational areas, Schools, Day care, Museums, Art Galleries, Theme Parks and at Events as they are easy to use and cost effective to keep people pleasantly cool and provide visual and theatrical effect.

Mist cooling systems work immediately and directly to lower body temperatures and relieve the effects of the heat. They are refreshing, natural, and safe, and most people, young and old alike, find them fun and invigorating to walk through or stand under after some time spent outdoors. 

Our misting poles provide a refreshing cooling station in parks, along walkways, at metro stations and open-air shopping malls. 

Theatrically, a fogging system can add dimension and impact to highlight special effects in garden landscapes, themed entertainment, sculptures, zoos and in films. Our systems are ideal for rainforest and fog effects in walkways, entries and accentuating design.

Misting Systems for Retail Centres

In Australia, misting systems in outdoor shopping malls are becoming more prominent in the retail environment to draw attention to passers-by and traffic to businesses and restaurants. 

Adding a misting system to your retail centre lets you stand-out against competitors within the local area. It is a tactile experience that attracts customers to the centre and is not something that can be experienced by shopping online. And can only be experienced in person,

Strategically situated misting systems welcome and cool customers as they are entering, moving around walkways in the shopping mall, enjoy an alfresco meal or simply take a moment to rest and recharge.

Walkways, food courts, playgrounds and seating areas, our mist systems help you provide relief for your shoppers and their families. 

The addition of an outdoor cooling system from CoolMist Systems Australia adds a sense of luxury and communicates the individualised attention and thought you have taken to ensure your shoppers comfort during the hot summer months. 

Turn your open-air shopping centre into a “must-go” destination and keep your customers returning by giving welcome relief throughout summer with the cool and refreshing environment a high-pressure mist cooling system can provide. 

Misting systems for day care centres and schools

In day care and schools, misting and fogging systems are ideal as they provide relief from the heat during lunch and activity breaks. Utilising a CoolMist Systems Australia system you can provide a cool and comfortable area for children and students to refresh and re-hydrate after periods of activity giving them a chance to cool-down so they are better equipped to return to the classroom. 

Kids love mist, it adds an interactive and fun element to play areas.

A CoolMist® system is energy-efficient and highly effective mist cooling system and can operate along side a variety of shade structures from building extensions to free-standing shade canopies to lower the temperature by up to 15°C. This provides a cooler and comfortable environment for children and supervisory staff.

Our system is installed and works really well. It's a hit with the Kids and Especially the parents. Thanks for your advice and great product."
- Red Oasis Childcare - Bill Williams, Mt Isa

Commercial Misting Systems – Tailored for your project

As a specialised misting and fogging company, we work with you to tailor an effective fogging system unique to your project. Whether you are an architect, engineer, builder, landscaper or set designer, our expertise can help you create the desired effect whether for cooling, landscaping or special effects.

Aligned with European manufacturers who use only the highest quality components in the construction of our products, we bring to our clients a combined industry experience of over 30 years.

We supply the total package including installation and commissioning locally or interstate. Alternatively, your misting system can be packaged and sent interstate for DIY installation using your own contractors.

The applications for mist systems are virtually limitless and have been successfully used in:

  • Retail Centres
  • Outdoor Malls
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Theme Parks
  • Creative theme fog effects
  • Sculptures and Art works
  • Rainforest areas 
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Zoos
  • Reptile Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Landscape and Water features
  • Film sets
  • Walkways
  • Golf driving ranges
  • Railway stations
  • Parks
  • Civic centres
  • Cooling poles / station

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