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Horse stables, agistment centres, race day stables, boarding kennels, piggeries, animal breeders, feedlots, poultry farm, zoo enclosures, dairies. Misting systems help protect your livestock from heat stress.

Animals, livestock and birds are happier and more productive when they are comfortable. Misting systems reduce the risk of heat stress and increase productivity.

Climate control for animal housing brings relief and helps keep your animals safe during hot weather. When the temperature soars, protect your animals and livestock with a mist cooling system.

In Australia, heat stress is a potential hazard that negatively affects  animals, livestock and birds. Not only does it cause unnecessary suffering and in some cases death, but it also reduces productivity and consequently profitability.

Poultry misting

For the poultry farmer misting dramatically reduces mortality rates. Stress-free broilers continue to eat and grow. Layers produce more eggs. Breeders are more active and produce higher quality eggs. 

​Swine cooling

In the pig farming industry, misting systems increase the farrowing sow's appetite, improving milk production during lactation. This boosts the litter weight at weaning, increases the size of future litters and allows the sow to go back into heat quicker. Cool conditions provided by high-pressure misting improves fertility with higher semen quality in boars and lower infertility in sows.  

In wean to finish pigs, mist cooling improves the growing pigs’ environment by improving profitability through increased average daily gain and reducing the time to market. 
Mortality rates during all stages pig farming are considerably reduced. 

​Cattle farming

In cattle farming CoolMist® cooling reduces heat stress dramatically. Weight gain and breeding cycles are improved. Misting cows means they are contented and productive, increasing milk production and profits. 

​Stable Cooling

Keeping your horse cool, comfortable and safe during the summer is vital. Misting systems are invaluable in the equine facility. Whether breeding, racing or equestrian, horses need a cool, comfortable and dry stable to keep them safe from heat stress. Misting systems clean the air of dust, reduce flying insect discomfort and irritation and assist in post work-out recovery. 

​Kennel Cooling

Dogs in boarding kennels and K-9 kennel and training facilities benefit from a cool and dry kennel.

"Today was very hot at the K-9 Unit, at 12.30 pm it was 45 degrees outside. I am pleased to   advise that inside the kennels the temperature was a nice and cool 25 degrees thanks to the misting system recently installed.
It is amazing and the dogs are very content. We have it on an automatic time setting that we can adjust when needed. When we had it installed we were advised that the system could achieve at least 10-15 degrees cooler inside, however 20 degrees has exceeded our expectation. 
The installation of the CoolMist® system has been $$$ well spent and we (especially the dogs) are very thankful." - K9 Unit Corrective Services NSW

Not every animal facility or situation is the same and each project requires an individual design to provide the best cooling environment. Working with you we will tailor an effective and efficient mist cooling system that fits your needs. Our technology achieves continuous and even distribution of fog to maintain a cool, dry and comfortable environment. 

A properly designed and installed mist system can keep your animal and livestock cool, refreshed and productive all summer long without wetting surrounds or increasing humidity. The hotter and drier the air is the faster the mist cloud evaporates making our system's performance even more impressive.

Horse Stables, Agistment centres, Race day stables, Boarding Kennels, Piggeries, Animal breeders, feedlots, poultry farm, Zoo enclosures, Dairies. Misting systems help protect your livestock from heat stress.

Horse Stables, Agistment centres, Race day stables, Boarding Kennels, Piggeries, Animal breeders, feedlots, poultry farm, Zoo enclosures, Dairies. Misting systems help protect your livestock from heat stress.


  • Lowers the temperature by up to 15°C 
  • Dry, cool and comfortable environment for you and your animals 
  • Reduce the risk of heat stress and lower mortality rate 
  • Deter flies and other insects minimising irritation and discomfort to your animals Instant evaporation of mist means the area does not get wet 
  • Natural air cleanser which means that dust and pollen is reduced 
  • Cyclic misting with a programmable timer dictates work/pause times 
  • Extremely low cost operation and environmentally friendly with low water use 
  • Requires minimal maintenance 

Employing a mist system from CoolMist Systems Australia can help give your facility an edge over competing businesses whether used for comfort or productivity. If you have animals in your care, look to CoolMist® to help you protect and optimise the environment to keep them cooler, happier and more comfortable.

"It's the best I've ever seen. When it's hot the horses can't get close enough to it. I love working in the stables now on those really hot days because it's cool." - Burnewang Pastoral - Aaron  

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