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CoolMist Systems Australia is an Australian owned and operated family business and are Australia’s only dedicated misting and fogging company. With over twenty years of focused experience in the field… High pressure misting is our business!

Since we commenced trading in 2005 we have become an industry leader, providing professional and specialist service that is built on a solid reputation. We bring you innovative and effective technologies using quality products specifically designed for misting and fogging applications.

Our numerous customers Australia-wide rely on our customised purpose-built solutions, products, services and technology for areas such as dust control/suppression, cooling, odour control and humidification to comply with health, safety and environmental regulations, and increase customer satisfaction, employee productivity and operational efficiency.

We offer you and focus on:

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Enduring partnerships

At CoolMist Systems Australia we don't just look after misting system sales. We value you, our customer and pride ourselves on developing long term relationships. We provide ongoing technical service and support to ensure that your misting system performs as designed.

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Tailored, long-term solutions fit for purpose

As a specialised misting company our strength lies with our ability to provide long term and cost effective solutions that are efficient and reliable. Our proven technology, experience and solutions are supported by innovative and advanced products built with quality materials and components from world renowned manufacturers. 

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Professional service and on-going technical support

Our professional service and installation teams are dedicated to upholding our commitment to excellence, maintaining a high standard of work in our industry. We recognize the investment you've made in your business or home with our products and as such, we offer follow-up service and maintenance to ensure your products and systems perform properly and at their peak year after year.

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