Tailored humidity and climate control mist systems for Greenhouses and Nurseries, Timber environments, Fresh Produce, Bulk Wine Storage facilities.

Humidity and climate control systems maintain precise relative humidity and controls your environments' moisture content, evaporation and static charge through high pressure water atomisation. 

This keeps the air moist retaining the correct relative humidity level to keep your environment stable and your product at optimum quality. 


Benefits of CoolMist humidity and climate control system   

Combat dry air
Retain optimum air humidity
Constant temperature
Fully automated
Optimal growing conditions
Retain nutrients, appearance and freshness

Let our expert team help you solve your humidity and climate control problem with professional advice, design and installation service. 

  • Greenhouse climate control -

    Greenhouse climate control

    Fog systems maintain precise humidity for optimum growing conditions.

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  • Timber Humidification -

    Timber Humidification

    Maintain the required level of humidity and temperature in wood storage areas

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  • Fresh Produce Misting -

    Fresh Produce Misting

    Prevent rapid deterioration, keep produce fresh and longer-lasting for your customers

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  • Humidity Control in Wine Cellars and Barrel Rooms -

    Humidity Control in Wine Cellars and Barrel Rooms

    Wine barrel storage cooling solutions. Improve relative humidity and reduce evaporation of wine through barrels. Ideal for large wineries, barrel cellars and wine storage warehouses.

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