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Misting systems prevent rapid deterioration and wastage of fresh produce on display in the service case.

Fresh produce humidity control with mist systems

Give your produce display a dewy, fresh picked glow with a fine spritz of mist that covers everything. Misting systems are essential to keeping produce fresh, appealing and hydrated. These systems are ideal for any grocery store that sells produce and would like to preserve inventory and cut down on waste.

Humidification misting systems help store owners boost sales and profits with fresh, appealing and longer-lasting produce. Moisture loss causes products to lose weight dramatically which is a hard cost to the fresh produce retailer. The loss of appeal because of dehydration is considerable, therefore if you are looking to reduce these costs and improve your profit margins then a high-pressure mist humidification system is the best choice for you.

Humidification Mist Systems offer your customers harvest fresh produce.

Misting systems hydrate and reduce spoilage of produce on display in the service case and while in cold storage.

A specialised mist system is the key to prevent weight loss, shrinkage and deterioration of chemical composition to keep your produce looking fresh and appetizing.

By reducing weight loss, prolonging and retaining freshness not only do you benefit from increased sales, your customers can choose quality, nutritious fruit and vegetables that stays fresher longer once they get it home with confidence.

Fresh Produce Misting Solutions - tailored to your requirements

Since 2005, CoolMist Systems Australia has been designing, installing and maintaining produce misting systems. Our humidification mist systems are tailored to best fit the needs of your store to provide the optimum humidity level and results with maximum ease of management.

A well-designed and installed humidification mist system from CoolMist Systems Australia provides blanket coverage of moist air without building up excessive water droplets. Product service case, surrounds and floor surfaces remain dry.

With our fully automated system your produce will get the right amount of water at the right intervals. Our produce misting systems require no extra work from you or your employees to free busy workers to focus on other tasks.

CoolMist Systems Australia offers a complete line of high quality humidification mist systems to help maintain product integrity in refrigerated warehouses, storage rooms, display cases and non-refrigerated display counters.

"We installed a CoolMist® system in January 2006, since installation our shrinkage has reduced by 30%." - IGA Nedlands Perth WA (formerly Dewsons)

Features of CoolMist® humidification system

  • Automatic humidification reduces labour hours spent manually spraying produce
  • Even micro-fine mist distribution, no excessive water pooling or beading on produce
  • Maintain optimal humidity level during storage and display
  • Customer friendly, shopping not interrupted by mist cycle
  • Auotmated frequency of fog cycles
  • Anti-drip system prevents unpleasant dripping
  • Low operating cost – power and water consumption is extremely low
  • Reliable, easy to operate system
  • Optional - UV light sterilisation system instantly removes any bacteria present in water 

CoolMist Systems Australia's expertise and equipment has delivered reliable results and practical operation for our clients and provided a real return on their investment in a relatively short period of time.

Benefits of Produce Misting to our clients:

  • Attract and retain customers with evident product quality and freshness
  • Improve sales appeal of product
  • Extends fresh produce shelf life
  • Retain and improve nutritional content and appearance
  • Preserves moisture, maintains weight, quality and freshness
  • Prevents shrinkage and spoilage and reduces product loss
  • Keeps the colour of your produce more vibrant
  • Enhances and maintains overall quality
  • Tailored mist system to your business requirements

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Humidification and Climate Control FAQs


CoolMist® fresh produce misting systems use only fresh water, no chemicals, no additives.


The spray from our produce misting system is from fresh potable water. We do not recommend using stagnant water from storage tanks. 


Cut fruits and vegetables wilt and lose moisture. They are no longer connected to their roots and cannot absorb water and dry out and rot more quickly. Misting systems deliver a fine layer of water to the surface of the vegetable, and keep a humid environment on the display shelves. The misting system targets the section of refrigerated produce efficiently keeping produce fresher for longer without affecting the other products in the grocery store.

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