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Misting systems are used in wineries to prevent wine lost through evaporation during storage, thereby reducing production costs.

Wine cellar climate control

Wine loss at any stage of the production process results in lost revenue. In Australia, if the humidity and temperature level in the barrel room is not controlled properly during the barrel-aging process of wine, it is estimated that wine producers can experience losses as high as 15 per cent per barrel per year.

How does humidity affect wine storage in barrel rooms?

Wine loss during storage in oak barrels is due to evaporation, sometimes referred to as the “angels’ share”. 

To manage loss due to evaporation, “topping up” with similar quality wine is needed on a regular basis. This process minimises head space and prevents oxidation and other wine faults. 

The “topping off” process adds a significant cost to production because of the initial lost volume of wine, the cost per litre of the replacement topping wine, and the labour cost incurred during topping up operations. 

Wine cellars, barrel halls and warehouses need to be kept at a constant humidity level, ideally at a relative humidity between 75 - 85%. Lower than this and the wine matures too quickly risking a lower quality product. Relative humidity above 85%, can lead to the risk of fungus and mould development. 

CoolMist® humidification systems restore and maintain humidity and temperature levels

CoolMist® misting systems help resolve these problems by regulating the humidity level in the wine cellar.  Water under high pressure is atomised through our specially designed nozzles, producing extremely fine droplets smaller than 10 microns. The droplets are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting barrels and underlying surfaces. This means that there is no pooling of water on the floors or mouldy damp barrel surfaces. 

Barrels are kept efficient for longer, wood quality is preserved, and the natural evaporation of the product is reduced substantially.  Empty barrels also benefit from the improved conditions, dehydration and opening of their joints during storage is prevented with the right humidity level.   

A properly designed and installed misting system from CoolMist Systems Australia, using a humidistat control, maintains constant humidity levels and gives you complete control over your humidity system. Regardless of the external climatic conditions you can keep the desired environment for your wine at all times. 

Our humidification technology helps you keep more wine in the barrel, retain wine quality during the maturation period, save labour costs and in turn improve your revenue stream.

"We are very pleased with the mist system you designed and installed into our wine storage facility. Storing 400,000 litres of wine ready for export, it is very important for us to have a cool environment and keep the temperature at the correct level. Your advice, recommendations and your team's professionalism and workmanship is second to none. You have exceeded our expectations and allowed us to maintain the quality of the wine." - Bulk Wine Storage - Terry - Perth

Barrel Room Humidification With Misting

Features of the CoolMist® Humidification and Climate Control Mist System

  • Decrease wine loss due to evaporation to lower than 2% per annum
  • "Topping Off" process is minimal
  • Retain wine quality 
  • Reduce costs of manpower for periodic refilling
  • Humidistat control panel with LED display is easy to set and maintains constant humidity within your barrel store
  • Wide variety of pump options meets any humidification output needs
  • Stainless steel, flexible line or 360 degree fan options to suit any installation 
  • Low energy and low water usage
  • Easy installation and start up with minimal maintenance
  • Integrates with existing refrigerated cooling and fans

Our wine cellar climate control systems offer many different combinations. Consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your set-up. 

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