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Wood humidification with misting systems provide reliable environmental control during manufacturing and storage.

Air temperature and humidity impacts directly on the moisture content of wood. Seasonal changes in temperature and relative humidity alter the material, causing the wood to swell, warp or shrink. 

These fluctuations affect wood in production, storage, and final product. Warping, cracking, uneven surfaces and splits can result from inadequate moisture content. Problems can arise in gluing, laminating and veneering. 

Mist humidification systems offer constant, effective climate control.

Maintaining a stable and controlled climate is essential for the wood and wood-made product industries. With a humidity control system, you can retain the integrity of your materials and finished products with ease. 

CoolMist® humidification systems help you minimise waste and maximise output, and reduce returns due to manufacturing defects. Our high-pressure misting systems help maintain the proper moisture content inside the wood fibres and efficiently reduce many of the quality problems that are caused from a high or low relative humidity level.

Our misting systems emit a fine fog that takes existing heat out of the air and replaces it with moisture. An integrated humidistat controls the amount of fog introduced to the specific area to keep the relative humidity (RH value) at the optimal level and maintain a precisely controlled environment.

Benefits of CoolMist® humidification system include:

  • Maintain wood moisture content
  • Prevent undue stress and dimensional changes to wood
  • Prevent warping, shrinking, splitting, shrinking and cracking
  • Maximise product stability and handling
  • Airborne dust is reduced throughout the area

Features include:

  • Modular design customised to fit any size facility
  • High pressure flexible or stainless-steel atomisation line and 360 fans for even fog distribution
  • Precision Fog nozzles
  • Total control with Humidity sensor devices
  • Automated system lets you create the optimal environment for your product
  • Energy efficient and low volume water use keep operational costs down
  • Conserve water and electrical use and reduce overall operation cost

Different facilities have different needs, talk with our experienced team about your mist humidification system.  

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