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Humidity Control for Medicinal Cannabis Crops

High pressure misting systems are used to regulate temperature and humidity throughout the plant life cycle for germination, propogation and growing.

Changes in legislation in 2016 has allowed the cultivation of cannabis plants and production of cannabidiol in Australia for medical and scientific purposes. 

Once Australian cannabis growers meet license requirements and the rigorous security standards that are required for cultivation, production and manufacture of medicinal cannabis, they can be confronted with challenging environmental conditions. 

Climatic conditions vary for each geographical location of medicinal cannabis greenhouse and warehouse and can produce inconsistent temperatures and humidity levels for growth and production of plants. Humidity and temperature levels are critical elements in cannabis cultivation and directly impact on crop growth and development throughout the plant cycle, making it crucial to provide the best environment for high quality yields. 

Ideal Cannabis Microclimate with Misting and Fogging Systems

Cannabis production facilities can benefit from a humidification mist system. In a controlled environment plants are healthier and disease rates lower. High pressure mist systems cool the greenhouse effectively, evenly and economically. 

CoolMist high pressure misting systems operate at 1,000 psi, producing micron-sized water droplets in the form of fog. Heat energy is extracted from the air lowering the temperature and increasing humidity at the same time. 

Fitted with sensor devices that monitor and maintain the environment according to grower requirements, our systems let you adjust and modify humidity and temperature levels throughout the various stages of growth and harvest. These features help you attain a consistent growing environment within a greenhouse or cultivation facility. 

CoolMist tailored solutions and range of products can be designed for small or large scale cannabis growing facilities. Consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your operation.  

Features of the CoolMist® Humidification and Climate Control Mist System

Allow crops to thrive with:

  • optimal temperature 
  • optimal humidity levels 

throughout the entire plant lifecycle.

Benefits of the CoolMist® Humidification Mist System

  • Uniform growth and improved plant quality
  • Healthy, stronger plants and higher yield
  • Inhibit disease, heat stress and pest infestation
  • Favourable growing conditions year-round
  • Improved working conditions for staff

CoolMist Cannabis Misting Systems feature

  • Fine water atomisation does not deposit on crop
  • Humidistat and thermostat regulation provide the optimal microclimate 24/7
  • Automated controls maintain a perfectly balanced environment at each growing stage
  • Single zone and multizone configurations
  • Energy efficient and low volume water use keep operational costs down
  • Low maintenance system 

CoolMist® Systems components include

  • Large range of high-pressure (70) bar pump modules to meet any need
  • High pressure flexible or stainless steel atomisation line for even fog distribution
  • Precision fog nozzles sized to specific greenhouse crop
  • Mist fans either wall or 360 degree for greenhouse facilities that require air circulation
  • Humidity and temperature control devices
  • Water filtration to lessen potential nozzle blockage
  • UV lamp disinfection system eliminates virus and bacteria in the water supply

Our systems offer many different combinations. Consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your set-up. 

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