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Dry fog effectively removes bad smells in the food industry by neutralising malodours before they exit the exhaust pipe.

Odour treatment for Restaurants, Fast Food and Food production plants.

Odour arising from business premises can be considered a nuisance to neighbouring properties. Successful control of odour emissions lets you conduct your business without threat of fines or persecution.

Like many other industries, food processing, restaurants and fast food outlets can obtain significant benefits from CoolMist® innovative Zephiro UTS.

CoolMist Systems Australia offers Zephiro UTS: innovative technology, creates a osmogenic barrier that negates strong odours associated with food industries. Adapted to all types of kitchen exhaust Zephiro UTS abates odour concentration as it passes along the ductwork before it enters the atmosphere. 

A “dry fog” consisting of micro-sized water drops and an extremely low-level concentration of neutralizing solution produced by the ultrasound transducer unit, continuously or at regular intervals abates offensive cooking odours before they exit the exhaust system. This technique of "aerial cleansing" uses a complex formula of essential oils and organic plant compounds that are highly effective in neutralising malodours leaving the treated air smelling neutral and fresh. 

Compact in size, Zephiro UTS is placed in the kitchen or on top of the building and linked to the exhaust pipe (placed under the extractor). The odour neutralising system is available in different sizes and is modular depending on the required application. Integrating with any type of chimney design installation is quick and straight forward.

Odour Neutralisers for ultrasound transducer units - completely safe and natural products

Our products consist of a complex formula of essential oils and organic plant compounds. Supplied in concentrated liquid, only a minute quantity is needed for air treatment applications to neutralise unpleasant odours. 

Non-toxic, non-flammable, contain no masking or polluting agents and are fully bio-degradable our odour neutralisers are completely safe to use without harm to human health or the environment. These treatments for odour neutralisation are considered superior to competitive products and are used successfully and extensively world-wide. 

Why is Zephiro UTS a better solution for your Commercial Kitchen?

Carbon adsorption is historically known for its wide-ranging applications. However, activated carbon technology is limited and inefficient in cooking odorous emissions because of high temperature, limited adsorption capacity of certain substances, incompatibility with fatty acids, oils, amines, unstructured proteins and solid particulate matter, impossibility of modulation with respect to varying concentrations and the impossibility to operate in 100% optimal conditions (e.g. the air low-crossing speed 0,5m/s, residence times over 1 second). 

Activated carbons, like any other passive resistance element (baffles, grids, anti- grease filters, curves, couplings, etc.) do get dirty and create obstructions, that with time become new elements of odour pollution.  

Compared to activated carbon Zephiro UTS is simple to use, has advanced technology and no invasiveness, solves odour emission problems and complies with the following requirements:
  • control of draught unaltered; 
  • no changes of sections to contain loss of pressure; 
  • no insertions in the exhaust pipe; 
  • no substitution of parts subject to cleansing (frames, panels, ..)

Zephiro UTS is a much more efficient solution for dealing with odours emanating from your exhaust system because of the degree of neutralizing product micronisation and the greater exposed surface area created. This increases the “air-cleansing” action significantly to ensure “virtual filtering” of the conveyed air, as well as neutralization of the odorous compounds. 

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Dry fog effectively removes bad smells in the food industry by neutralising malodours before they exit the exhaust pipe.

Dry fog effectively removes bad smells in the food industry by neutralising malodours before they exit the exhaust pipe.


  • High deodorizing efficiency limits and controls diffusion of smells 
  • Does not rely on chemical reagents to remove the malodorous molecule 
  • Up to 99% odour removal of airborne odours 
  • No new masking odour created 
  • Meet environmental and health safety regulations 
  • Protect neighbouring communities from odour emissions 
  • Reduce complaints


  • Droplet size ensures there is no water condensation and no duct corrosion 
  • Ultra-low dose of concentrated product neutralises a large amount of malodorous substances 
  • Automatic distribution system with regulated product dosage rate 
  • Safe, non-toxic with no risk of secondary product dangers that can occur through reagents and chemical reaction 
  • Easy to install and maintain 
  • Low operational costs – water consumption and energy supply are minimal 
  • Long-life operation

Businesses that can benefit from Zephiro UTS Odour Control technology

  • Food and Beverage operations such as hotels, hospitals, shopping malls 
  • Fast food operators 
  • Food processing plants

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