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Effective airborne odour treatment. Misting systems neutralise industrial odour by capturing malodorous molecules and destroying them.

Effective treatment of airborne odour emissions

Offensive/ bad odours are a consequence of industrial processes, however with successful management you can avert complaints from neighbouring communities and meet environmental and health safety regulations.

How Misting Systems work with Odour Neutralising Products - Osmogenic Barrier

An osmogenic barrier is formed through the use of a high-pressure misting system diluting water with specific deodorising products. The airborne treatment consists of micro-droplets of neutralising solution which wrap and stop malodorous molecules.

A cleansing process occurs causing the malodorous molecule to breakdown and become imperceptible from an olfactive standpoint. This action removes the offending smell in a fast and harmless way.

Osmogenic barriers are a highly effective solution for large areas and diffused emissions. In conveyed emission situations, nozzles are placed directly inside stacks to prevent transmission of fumes to the outside.

Odour Neutralisers for misting systems - completely safe and natural products

Our products consist of a complex formula of essential oils and organic plant compounds. Supplied in concentrated liquid, only a minute quantity is needed for air treatment applications to neutralize unpleasant odours. These water soluble and versatile formulations can be dispersed through our automated misting systems and used both indoor or out. 

Non-toxic, non-flammable, contain no masking or polluting agents and are fully bio-degradable our odour neutralisers and are completely safe to use without harm to human health or the environment. 

Our treatments for odour neutralisation are considered superior to competitive products and are used successfully and extensively world-wide.

Misting and fogging systems from CoolMist Systems Australia solve problem smells coming from conveyed or diffused sources by forming an osmogenic barrier to immediately destroy bad odours.

This technique of aerial cleansing uses products containing a proprietary combination of essential oils and organic plant compounds that are highly effective in neutralising malodours leaving the treated air smelling neutral and fresh.


  • Meet environmental and health safety regulations 
  • Protect neighbouring communities from odour emissions 
  • Up to 99% odour removal of airborne odours 
  • Reduce complaints


  • High deodorizing power limits and controls diffusion of smells 
  • Does not rely on chemical reagents to remove the malodorous molecule 
  • Safe, non-toxic with no risk of secondary product dangers that can occur through reagents and chemical reaction 
  • Easy to install 
  • Long operating life 
  • Automatic operation saves labour and ensures your system is running when it is needed most

Uses and Applications

  • Municipal and industrial waste water operations 
  • Pump stations and collection systems areas 
  • Sludge processing and storage areas 
  • Manufacturing sites and exhaust stacks 
  • Municipal solid waste operations 
  • Landfill sites 
  • Recycling facilities 
  • Composting plants

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