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Important information about health concerns related to pathogens in water misting systems

Recently in the news there has been conversation around how Edith Cowan University researchers “found the presence of opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens” in 10 water misting systems they examined in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (WA Today, 30/11/21).

Understandably, some customers have been concerned, so here is some information about CoolMist Systems Australia’s misting systems.

CoolMist® systems when installed, operated and maintained correctly, and using a potable water supply, provide a safe and long-life misting system. CoolMist Systems Australia provides high quality, high pressure, fit-for-purpose systems, and we are experts at installing them as well as guiding you in how to operate and maintain them.

If in doubt, follow the instructions in your manual we have provided, or contact us.

Only buy quality from reputable suppliers

We recommend only purchasing and installing quality high pressure systems and spares from a reputable supplier such as CoolMist Systems Australia.

  • Both CoolMist® static line systems and mist fan systems operate with high pressure 850-1,000 psi pumps.
  • Our manuals advise ONLY the use of safe potable water/town water in our systems.
  • All our misting systems are manufactured and constructed with high quality components.
  • Our systems are customised to the application; careful thought and planning goes into the design of each system we supply.

CoolMist Systems Australia meets the standards specified in AS/NZS 3666.2:2002 (Air-handling and water systems of buildings) by servicing and maintaining misting systems in accordance with the manufacturers' published requirements and best practice. All maintenance is carried out by trained and competent personnel.

This is why we constantly reiterate to our customers and general enquiries that purchasing a quality system from CoolMist Systems Australia is more beneficial in the long run – it will allow you to get a safe and effective cooling outcome that is suited to your environment, plus help you minimise future problems with spare part replacements and the longevity of the system.

Avoid low pressure systems (for commercial applications)

We cannot confirm what misting systems the researchers tested nor which premises they visited in order to prepare the report that recent media focused on, but we do know the article in WA Today mentions that business operators can “just go to Bunnings and then set [it] up in your house or restaurant or roadhouse and turn it on”.

In our opinion, low pressure systems should not be installed, particularly in commercial venues. They are generally sold out of the box, in kit form with a one-size-fits-all set up. They emit larger, coarser, and heavier water droplets. This means only partial evaporation of the water takes place, which generally leads to a moisture content on surfaces, and only a modest change in the air temperature is achieved. Also, any water that doesn’t evaporate may create a residue and leave areas unsafe.

As low-pressure systems need only tap pressure and are low cost, owners can become ambivalent to maintenance and leave them unattended year on year.

Always use safe, potable water

Always use safe potable water from your local utility or other commercially treated source in your CoolMist® system.

Do not use non-drinking water, untreated water, grey water or other water from an unknown source eg bore water

For sensitive users, or those users who may be concerned about the quality of their potable water, consider using a UV filter and / or reverse osmosis (RO) system – contact us for details

Good practice and general maintenance of a CoolMist® misting system

For routine maintenance and/or shut-downs:

  • The high-pressure lines and the filters must be completely drained in order to avoid incrustations or bacteria deposits.
  • It is also advisable to remove, disassemble and wash the micrometric nozzles. Once the line/s are dry, replace the clean dry nozzles back into distribution lines.
  • At next start-up, the lines should be washed by letting some water flow through before bringing the system to high-pressure.
  • Water filters should be changed annually, however, water quality may require this to be done more frequently.

Your system should be serviced annually during the off season.

Schedule regular services

CoolMist Systems Australia offers a service and maintenance program to all our customers to help keep your system in peak condition.

Part of this service includes flushing the lines and removing excess water from the system.

Contact us to schedule a service

Please contact us should you have any concerns or queries in regards to your CoolMist® misting system.