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Outdoor dining - How does your venue beat the scorching heat?

CoolMist misting system for outdoor dining venues

There’s no doubt that we love our Aussie summers and during the warmer weather dining alfresco is a big draw card to bring in customers to many hospitality venues. Keeping these areas open and serviced even in the height of summer is vital to any food and drink-service operator.

Hot weather conditions experienced locally and around Australia have seen some restaurants and cafes closing off their outdoor dining areas. Imagine what the impact would be on your business, especially if the footprint of that area contributes to 30% or more of your sales. Not only, does this have a direct effect on the annual turnover of any establishment, but the longer and more frequent these hot conditions continue must mean a financial cost to the employees who may not be required to be of service during this time.

Does your outdoor dining need the cooling power of mist?

If you have an outdoor area that is burning up your takings during the hot weather, why not consider a high pressure mist cooling system from CoolMist. Even if it is 43° Celsius, our misters can make patio dining tolerable. In cities such as Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne where being outside is often the draw, that’s important.

The pressurised fine mist spray from just one of our nozzles can generate one ton of air-conditioning in one hour, that’s a lot of cooling power. Installed and operated correctly, CoolMist fogging and mist technology leaves no residual water...  Cool and dry, that's a winning combination!

In terms of actual water use, our misting systems are insignificant. They are designed to use an extremely low volume of water and emit the tiniest droplets possible. This is because the smaller and finer the droplet size, the easier the evaporation into the surrounding air. Once the water is evaporated, the resulting cool air can drop the temperature by up to 15° Celsius. Combine that with a fan or two and you can expect an even bigger temperature drop. The cooler air outside may also decrease the work rate of the indoor air conditioning system and allow it to use less energy.

A high-pressure mist system can be the difference between keeping an outdoor dining area open to provide cooled comfort for your customers and profitable for you. At CoolMist, we have seen the dramatic difference in business for our customers who have chosen to upgrade to an outdoor cooling system.

Say goodbye to the heat and hello to refreshing and cool outdoor dining! Keep your revenue ticking over and create a relaxing refuge outdoors for your customers so they come, stay longer and spend more.

Outdoor dining venues looking for a CoolMist misting solution

CoolMist outdoor cooling systems have other benefits as well.

In addition to keeping the outdoors cool, our high-pressure misting systems help you attract and draw-in passer-bys to your venue by increasing your venue's visual appeal. Mist creates interest and can entice customers from a distance and once in, they may want to stay and spend some time at your business. 
Misting systems can help you maximise your whole venue by allowing you to add tables and seating outdoors during peak periods of trade. 

And let's not forget about those pesky flies! Although flies are present all year, when summer comes, they are just everywhere...Luckily, our misting systems help keep insects away improving your customers outdoor dining experience. 

Your customers will appreciate the thought that you have given to ensure their comfort during the summer months. 

To find out which mist cooling system best suits your business give us a call on 1300 266 564. Our professional consultants have the expertise to provide you with the perfect conditions for a fantastic summer.