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Cooling outdoor areas in schools and day care facilities

Cooling solutions for schools and playgrounds from CoolMist Systems Australia

Outdoor cooling using misting and fogging systems bring relief from the heat in schools and day care facilities.

In Australia, school lunch, sports and activity breaks are often outdoors, therefore providing a cool, comfortable location where students and children can seek relief from the heat is essential to schools, day care centres and for parents peace of mind. 

Provide children with the relief they need from the heat!

Outdoor cooling can help prevent the effects of high temperatures by offering a cool place to rest and escape the heat. Using mist line systems or mist fans you can provide targeted areas of cooling to provide a rest area for students and young children after periods of activity giving them a chance to cool-down, refresh and re-hydrate so that they are better equipped to return to the classroom.

CoolMist® systems are energy-efficient and highly effective. Our mist cooling systems can operate alongside a variety of shade structures - from building extensions to free-standing shade canopies to lower the temperature by up to 15 degrees Celsius. Mist line systems and mist fan systems take up  minimal space when compared than a portable air-conditioner and other kinds of evaporative coolers. They use lower power than these traditional coolers, and provide more cooling than a standard outdoor fan. 

How can schools and day care facilities benefit from mist cooling? 

  • Cool haven from the heat for children and staff 
  • Assist with cool-down and recovery during and after activity outdoors
  • Utilise play and lunch areas more effectively
  • Safe and effective system with minimal costs

Misting and fogging systems from CoolMist Systems Australia are custom designed to meet your specific requirements to ensure you receive the best performance from your investment. Professional installation is provided if required, alternatively we can provide self-installation kits complete with detailed instructions. Mobile Mist Fans are also available to offer you a transportable and flexible option and are ideal for sporting carnivals.

No matter how hot it gets we'll keep you cool. Provide the children in your care with relief from the heat in outdoor play and rest areas with this proven and unique mist cooling system.  Talk with one of our friendly consultants today.