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Special effects misting systems

Special effects misting from CoolMist Systems Australia

Misting systems can enhance and showcase your next project with subtle or spectacular fog effects.

Are you considering installing a creative themed fogging effect for your next project? The use of high-pressure fogging systems for decorating civic areas, parks and fountains creates a mesmerising ambience entertaining both adults and children.

Here are some reasons to consider installing a fogging system in your landscape.

Attractive and Cool outdoor scenes

Misting systems also known as fogging systems installed near walkways, trees, around waterfalls and pools can transform any landscape into a tropical oasis, increase appeal and provide a cool, fresh experience. 

Delight and Fascinate

Misting systems in outdoor play areas can be fun for children. A misty effect interwoven with a sculptured piece, throughout a garden or incorporated into a water play park can wow children and make summers fun and cool.

Misting special effects from CoolMist Systems Australia

Safe alternative for special effects

CoolMist fog effects are created with water in place of chemically based products. Our high-pressure systems offer a safe alternative for themed special effects. These fogging systems use only water to produce natural fog and smoke effects to create the required atmosphere with no discomfort or health risk to people animals and the environment. 

At CoolMist Systems Australia, we specialise in high-pressure fogging systems. Our tailored solutions for special effects misting will help bring your vision to life. We offer a wide range of quality misting pumps and components. 

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