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Choosing the right outdoor cooling system for your home

Outdoor Cooling system used in residential alfresco

As the desire to create a beautiful and useful outdoor living space has edged its way up the priority list for many new homeowners and renovators', there has been a surge in the popularity of mist cooling systems. 

Once confined to the high end of the market, outdoor cooling systems have become widely popular and choosing the right misting system will help lower the temperature in your outdoor space to a refreshing and comfortable level. 

If you are considering a mist cooling system for your home, here are a few essential things you need to know before you begin. 

Low pressure mist systems

If you are looking for a quick, low cost misting system than a low-pressure misting system is a good choice providing that you are willing to compromise on the quality of mist and residual moisture. A low-pressure system requires no power and runs directly off a tap using city pressure 40-60 psi. The droplets emitted from these systems are not as fine as high-pressure systems so the evaporation process is slower and this also increases the chances of dampness on the floor, furniture and you. You can expect a temperature drop between 4 to 6 degrees Celsius. 

When choosing a low-pressure mist system look for a high-quality product. Durability is key, why spend money if it will not last. Check that the tubing is flexible and has been UV treated. Make sure fittings can be purchased separately and connect together easily. The orifice size of the nozzles is particularly important as low grade nozzles produce larger droplets. A good supplier of these systems will have individual components readily available for expansion of your system. 

High-pressure mist cooling system

If you are looking for a system with a greater cooling capacity without any water residue then investing in a high-pressure mist cooling system makes sense. These systems use a pump that operate at around 1,000 psi and emit a micro-fine cool mist that evaporates instantly to absorb the heat from the surrounding air. 

One of the advantages of these professional misting systems has over low-pressure mist systems is better cooling. Quality high-pressure misting systems atomise water into an ultra-fine mist and produce billions of droplets, covering a large surface area. They have three times greater cooling power lowering the temperature by up to 15 degrees celsius. 

Will a mist cooling system blend with my décor ?

Innovation combined with advanced technologies means that there is a good range of décor options available to integrate with the high-pressure pump and suit the architectural style of your home.

Misting lines constructed from strong, durable UV treated nylon is available in black or white. You can upgrade to satin stainless steel for a more elegant look and permanent misting line that will just about last forever. 

Alternatively, misting fans are available for wall mount or 360 degree fans can be hung from the ceiling for a more decadent look. If more flexibility is needed portable stand alone mist fans with an on-board high pressure pump and water tank can be considered. 

Find an expert in the misting field

When choosing your mist cooling system, look for a reputable company that understands your needs and has a thorough knowledge of their product. These professionals will work with you, whether it is in person, over the phone or website. They can answer your questions and they can advise any refinements that may be required. Together you can determine what your needs are and the best way to address them. 

By doing this you will get a professional, well designed and quality mist cooling system suited to your budget and avoid being disappointed in a system that just doesn't measure up to your needs.
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