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Are Australian summers now twice as long as winter?

Australian Summer Sun

January 2020 was the warmest on record globally. New temperature highs have become more frequent and commonplace. Recently, I received a message from a friend who lives in Europe. She said "Nature is disturbed..the daffodils are starting to come out, normally this happens at the end of March."

Does this mean that our summers will last longer and extend later into the autumn months going forward? Here's a link to a report on ABC News on Monday 6th March, 2020, "Summers are now twice as long as winters in all Australian capital cities".

High pressure misting systems are an efficient way to effectively lower the temperature in sweltering outdoor and semi-enclosed areas. Typically, hot open outdoor areas are difficult to cool.  However with a top quality commercial grade tailored misting system, cool comfort and much needed relief from the heat can be provided in outdoor dining areas, alfresco spaces and entertainment areas.

How do Mist Cooling Systems help your business combat the summer heat?

High-pressure misting systems are a fast, efficient, cost effective outdoor climate control solution for outdoor areas. The misting system turns the hot, uncomfortable environment into a cooler and refreshing place to increase customer comfort levels and help you maximise your revenue in these areas. 

Commercial grade misting systems, misting fans and mobile mist fans available from CoolMist Systems Australia are manufactured from top quality components and are designed to deliver a mist of extremely fine water droplets that do not wet people or the surrounds. The air temperature is dramatically reduced as these clouds or micro-fine droplets absorb the heat and flash evaporate in the air. On a hot day the CoolMist® Outdoor Cooling System can achieve an ambient temperature drop of up to 15°C.

Outdoor cooling solutions from CoolMist Systems Australia

The advantages of a commercial mist cooling system for your business include:

  • reduction of ambient outdoor temperature by up to 15°C
  • lower operational cost in comparison to traditional air-conditioning units
  • automated or manual operation (Work/pause time setting to your needs and weather conditions)
  • environmentally friendly, using extremely low power and very little water
  • maintenance is minimal 

An outdoor cooling system custom designed by CoolMist Systems Australia provides you with a solution individual to your venue ensures operation for peak cooling efficiency. 

CoolMist Systems Australia combines design simplicity and integration to give cafes, restaurants, outdoor smoking areas, gaming areas, a sleek contemporary solution for outdoor cooling. 

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