Tailored dust suppression solutions for mining operations, waste transfer facilities, recycling facilities, bulk processing facilities, excavation or construction sites, building demolition, steel and slag facilities.  

Dust suppression with fogging systems is a methodology that uses fine water particles to control the amount of dust in the air. This enhances the quality of the air in working areas and is beneficial for workers, machinery and environment. 

Benefits of the CoolMist Dust Suppression System  

Improve occupational and safety
Increase equipment performance and reliability
Increase production quality
Machinery maintenance costs reduced through dust reduction with less wear and tear on equipment
Increase visibility and reduce dust irritation to workers
Surrounding areas remain dry
Clean up costs reduced
Reduce the risk of dust explosion and fire
Natural suppressant of unpleasant odours
Assists in conforming to EPA requirements
Creates a cooler environment for your workers

Let our expert team help you solve your dust problem with our professional advice, design and installation service.

  • Bulk material handling -

    Bulk material handling

    Tailored dust control solutions for mining and industrial sites . Properly designed misting systems achieve effective dust suppression when the water particle is matched in size to the fugitive dust particle.

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  • Demolition, Quarrying, Tunneling -

    Demolition, Quarrying, Tunneling

    Mitigate dust generated from Demolition and Quarrying processes and protect people, property and the environment

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  • Waste & Recycling -

    Waste & Recycling

    Tailored misting systems for dust control in waste transfer facilities, recycling facilities, excavation or construction sites, or any bulk processing facility.

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  • Dust Suppression Systems for Mine Sites -

    Dust Suppression Systems for Mine Sites

    Dust control solutions for stockpiles, rom bins, drop points, material conveyor belts, storage bins and mining activities. Purpose built misting systems and mist cannons, proven and effective dust suppression solutions.

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    Dust Suppression Case Studies

  • AJETĀ® fog cannon suppresses clinker dust in unloading area

    Dust Suppression with Fog Cannons in Adelaide

    A-JETĀ® 35S Turbo fog cannon
    Client: Manufacturer, producer and supplier of construction materials
    Location: South Australia

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  • Dust Suppression Misting

    Dust Suppression with Misting Systems, Fogging Systems and Fog Cannons

    Fully customised dust suppression misting systems for waste and recycling facilities.

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