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AJet® Mist Cannons provide efficient dust suppression solutions to mine sites, building demolition and quarry operations.

AJet® Mist Cannons powerful aero-dynamic fan projects a plume of finely atomised water droplets (optimised to the right size) into the air. The micro-fine mist encompasses a large aerial surface area and agglomerates with airborne contaminants and fugitive dust particles to prevent them from being dispersed into the environment. 

 Built for effective and efficient dust control the AJet® Mist Cannon range has been designed to provide businesses with better operational efficiency. 

In addition to the many benefits CoolMist® fog-based dust suppression systems provide, the AJet® Mist Cannon range:

  • Targets specific high concentration dust points for rapid suppression of dust before it can disperse
  • Throws a distance from 5 metres to 150 metres
  • Is water efficient, using 20 times less water when compared to traditional spraying methods
  • Operates independently or linked with smart technology to provide a powerful dust defeating solution
  • Can be pre-assembled ready for placement near dust source
  • Are also available as self-contained mobile units with on-board tank and generator for easy relocation around the site

There are various size dust control machines in our range, the largest AJet® A150 Mist Cannon propels mist up to 200 linear metres and has a maximum ground coverage up to 65,000m2 from a single location. 

Features of our mist cannons include hydraulic elevation, automatic water inlet valve, pump run dry protection and standard 3 point oscillation through either 15,30, or 60 degrees from any point across a 330 degree range. 

All machines have been engineered and manufactured for industrial use and are equipped with a robust steel chassis with fork lift points for ease of transport on site. 

Wireless remote control handset allows operation of the mist cannon from a safe distance and supporting health and safety regulations. 

AJet® Mist Cannons have a two-stage-water-saving function and an optional built-in silencer. The adjustable water flow rate allows management of the water volume to suit the intensity of dust present and reduce water consumption. The filtration system also allows the unit to utilise recycled water. The low water output uses far less water than common water spray systems and combined with a low power draw, the AJet® Mist Cannon range is a viable economical and environmentally dust control solution. 

Dust Suppression using smart technology

The optional ADCS (Automatic Dust Control System) links mulitiple mist cannon units, and can also connect to fixed dust suppression systems. The ADCS controls activation from data collected via the system. Data such as air temperature, air humidity, wind speed, wind direction and precipation is collected using sensors. The system can be set up for automatic operation according to the wind and weather conditions together with dust particles present. With the Automatic Dust Control System, direction and operation of the mist cannon is automatically adjusted using the parameters set by the operator. 

Business operators that can benefit from AJet® Mist Cannons:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Steelworks
  • Quarrying
  • Ports
  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Aggregate Handling
  • Waste Handling

For more information on the AJet® Mist Cannon range, please contact us.

Dust Suppression FAQs

What are the benefits of the CoolMist® Dust Suppression System?

Improve Health & Safety 

  • Reduce skin and eye irritation

  • Increase workplace visibility

  • Lower the risk of respiratory illness by reducing dust levels 

  • Clean, cool and condition the air providing an improved work environment 

  • Lower the risk of dust explosion and fire

Environmentally Sustainable

  • Avoid dust-off by controlling dust particles at the source and on site 

  • Lower contamination in nearby ecosystems 

  • Lessen the nuisance and impact on neighbouring properties 

  • Low volume water mist is more efficient and avoids oversaturation, run-off and other residual problems common with traditional water spray systems

  • Surrounding areas remain dry with water efficient dust suppression 

  • Meet Australian environmental regulations

Lower Operational Costs

  • Power consumed is only a fraction of the cost when compared to conventional systems

  • Reduce clean-up and dust disposal costs  

  • Lower litigation risk and ease regulatory body concerns such as the potential threat of shutdown and unnecessary fines 

  • Lower maintenance and repair costs through dust control, with less wear and tear on machinery

  • No expensive consumable chemicals


  • Increase equipment performance and reliability 

  • Prevent unscheduled production breakdowns due to dust accumulation and ingression on equipment and machinery  

  • Processed material quality is not compromised by avoiding chemical additives and over-saturation 

  • Boost morale, and provide a cooler and more comfortable workplace for employees on-site 

  • Increase performance and reliability   

  • Prevent unscheduled shutdowns from equipment failure due to dust and clogging

Tailored systems   

  • Target specific dust points and prevent dust emission from the source 

  • High concentration of micro-fine fog droplets provides efficient dust suppression 

  • Avoid water pooling by using atomised mist. Plant, machinery, floor area and process material remain dry 

  • Personnel can work in the fog without becoming wet 

  • Proven capability to suppress aero-dispersed dust from 50% - 92%  

  • Catered to large, small, or whole of site solutions 

What is industrial dust?

Dust consists of tiny particles of dry, solid matter. Industrial dust is a by-product of activities such as earthworks, excavation, blasting, transportation, product processing, manufacturing and waste and recycling processes. Dry climatic conditions and wind can intensify dust generation.

Dust has a significant health and environmental impact associated within many areas including mining, construction, demolition, manufacturing, and agriculture industries.

Many operators are challenged daily as dust particles pose serious health issues, increased maintenance cost and down times, loss of material, product quality and reduced productivity and regulatory compliance.

Why is dust control important to industrial operations?

Without proper dust control, your workers are exposed to harmful dust, particulates, and contaminants in the air. Airborne dust particles cause breathing difficulties, skin and eye irritation, and serious respiratory diseases. Prolonged exposure to these dust particles can significantly affect the health and well-being of your workforce.

Dust can damage and interfere with the functionality of equipment like conveyors and their components, plant and equipment, motors, and machinery. Constant exposure to dust can result in frequent and unscheduled shutdowns and increasing clean-up costs.

When dust escapes beyond site boundaries, it can have a negative impact on near-by properties and eco-systems.

By having proper dust control measures onsite, you can improve operations with continuous productivity, a safer, healthier, and cleaner workplace for employees and meet OH&S and environmental obligations.

How does CoolMist Systems Australia manage dust?

CoolMist Systems Australia supplies dust suppression systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Finding the right dust suppression solution for your workplace may be as simple as a fogging system installed at the dust source or you may require a larger system installed to run a number of zones.

Static line misting systems use high pressure (70bar, 1,000 psi) pumps to atomise water into microscopic droplets to limit the dispersion of fine dust particles. A network of strategically placed misting nozzles emit the fine spray of micron-sized water droplets that absorb the dust particles in the air. The increased weight of the dust particles causes them to fall back down to the ground or to the process material and remain there, leaving the air dust-free. Utilising this method of dust suppression can greatly inhibit dust from circulating throughout the entire facility.

Additionally, mist fans fixed to walls or 360 mist fans suspended from the ceiling can be considered as effective dust suppression tools.

Mist cannons - also recognised as fog cannons, dust cannons, fog makers, spray cannons - are used for dust suppression in many work processes in quarry operations, mine sites, demolition and construction sites.

AJet® Mist Cannons propel atomised mist with a high velocity fan over large areas. CoolMist® mist cannons throw fog from 15 to 150 metres, which makes them a powerful and effective solution for dust control. Water flow rates can be adjusted to regulate the volume of water discharged from the mist cannon to control both surface dust and airborne dust without saturation problems. The cannons can be setup in a fixed or mobile position depending on your specific needs.

A professionally designed and installed dust suppression misting system can remove dust particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns reducing PM10 dust levels and assist compliance with EPA dust control standards. Our team will assess the site and dust intensity, matching water droplet size to corresponding dust particle size. Based on your requirements we will tailor a dust control system designed to work effectively and efficiently.

Why is water droplet size a key factor for effective dust suppression?

To maximise the potential of dust capture by water dust suppression systems, the water droplets need to be similar in size to that of the dust particles. Water droplets that are too large deflect the dust particle away leaving the dust air borne. The mist density (fog cloud) also needs to be greater than the concentrations of dust in the air so that all the dust can be captured.

Our misting systems and mist cannons operate on the principle of binding dust using tiny water droplets similar in size to the dust particles. CoolMist® misting systems and mist cannons effectively break down PM10 and smaller suspended dust particles by using water droplets similar in size to the dust particles.

Tiny, atomised water droplets, 10 microns, form a dense fog and trap the dust particles increasing their weight which causes them to fall from the air. Particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns have little chance to escape and are quickly arrested, removing dust from the air.

The low volume of water emitted from our systems avoids residual problems such as pooling or oversaturation and achieves dust suppression with maximum efficiency at sustainable water usage rates.

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