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Waging War on Dust at Demolition Sites

Creating innovative, dynamic, and sustainable places across Perth and revitalizing urban precincts to transform our city has led to the dismantling of old civil and industrial buildings.

While the development of these properties revitalises our communities, it can also bring about potential health and environmental issues.

Dust nuisance during demolition is a considerable issue. The release of dust can cause damage to the respiratory system of people near the demolition or construction site.

When planning demolition works in the proximity of other buildings or public facilities to the building to be demolished it is important to use the best suppression method to effectively prevent the escape of dust from the site.

Traditional methods employed by demolition companies to suppress dust include the use of hoses and sprinklers. Not only do these methods use too much water but research has shown that they are inadequate and ineffective for controlling dust and can cause additional problems.

As regulations become stricter there is a need for better methods of dust control to meet compliance guidelines and reduce the risk of fines.

Dust suppression with atomised mist (small water droplets) uses far less water than traditional water hoses covering a large surface area capturing airborne dust particles.

The A-JET35S RBT mist cannon can deliver the right amount of water to cover large areas and drop-down airborne dust particles released by demolition work. A damp layer is created to seal the surface which prevents the release of dust to the air during the transit of trucks and heavy vehicles. Additionally, the atomized mist technology used by the A-JET cannon limits over-saturation and run off lowering the impact on the surrounding environment.

Benefits with the use of the A-JET 35S RBT fog cannon:

  • Better water usage and lower associated cost
  • Cleaner work area and improved visibility enabling staff to carry out work activities more safely
  • Demolition machinery less subjected to the wear and tear caused by deposit of dust
  • Fewer pools of water to ensure a safer and more efficient work site
  • Avoid over-saturation of product reducing weight of materials and cost of disposal
  • Automatic program for set and forget operation
  • Trailer mount for easy location on-site
  • 360-degree rotation and vertical tilt -15 to +50 degrees to cover a wider area
  • Hydraulic arm extending up to 5.4 metre reach for higher buildings
  • Radio remote control allows more efficient management of demolition processes

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