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We don’t take a one size fits all approach. 

To meet your high expectations, we are committed to understanding your business, your needs and the issues you wish to solve.

For over 15 years, businesses and industries around Australia have come to rely on us for high pressure misting and fogging systems for dust suppression, humidification and climate control, cooling open and semi-enclosed areas, odour control, disinfectant mist delivery systems as well as landscape and fog effects. 

Every application and expectation calls for a unique solution. Whether you need to suppress dust or odour emissions from your facility or open area, provide reliable and consistent humidity control, pre-cool HVAC condenser and refrigeration units, protect your staff and livestock from heat stress, cool your open factory or warehouse, patio or alfresco areas, we'll help you select the most effective, energy efficient solution.

Everything we do is dedicated to providing misting and/ or a fogging solution where personal wellbeing, lifestyle choices and the environment are important.


We use top quality products resulting in systems that operate to design specifications. Our products are developed and manufactured using the latest innovative technology and design. 

We offer a wide range of fixed misting systems, misting pumps, AJet® fog cannons, oscillating mist fans, 360 mist fans, and mobile misting products for indoor and outdoor cooling, humidification and climate control, dust suppression, odour control and disinfectant misting systems, as well as landscape and themed fog effects.

Made to high quality standards and engineered for demanding applications, our misting systems utilise innovative electronic controls and pump technologies that are proven to be highly effective with cost-efficient operation.

We supply the total package including installation and commissioning, locally and interstate. Alternatively, we can work with you to supply a DIY system to suit your needs. Our misting and fogging systems are regularly sent around Australia and include everything you need to complete installation and assembly.

If you have a current high pressure mist system in need of parts, refurbishment or upgrading we have the expertise to support you.

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At CoolMist Systems Australia, we don’t just look after misting system sales, we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships. In fact, many of our very first clients are still with us today.

We don't just supply you with a misting solution; we provide ongoing technical service and support to ensure that your existing system performs as designed.

With our (many years of) experience in virtually every industry, we put fog and mist technology to work like no other. 

Our expertise includes supply and installation of fogging and misting systems for mine-site operations, quarries, waste and recycling centres, greenhouse growers and propagation nurseries, textile, timber and wood processing operations and storage, commercial and hospitality venues and landscape effects to name a few. 

Our professional design and installation team are knowledgeable about the many different applications of high-pressure misting systems in a wide range of industries and can customize a solution to meet your needs. 

Whether your project is large or small or requires a bespoke specification, you'll be assured that you have the right layout, the right equipment, the best location, and the proper nozzle size, line height and spacing. We will find options, make suggestions, and communicate with you every step of the way to offer you the best solution.

We value prompt service and timeliness with a great customer experience so that your project is completed with excellent workmanship and on time.

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