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Located in Malaga, West Bin is a premier waste disposal and recycling company. West Bin is environmentally conscious and strives to control their impact on their people, neighbours and the environment.


During the sorting, separating and recycling process of the various waste items a substantial amount of dust is generated. The airborne dust affected workers and threatened their health. Natural airflow carried dust out of the building onto neighbouring properties. The existing water mist sprinkler system emitted large droplets which passed through the dust particles and wet the floors providing little, if any, dust abatement. The additional weight, added to the waste materials by the water, was costly to the operator.

Solution: Fixed Multi-line Misting System

  • Remove and replace the low pressure water mist system with a series of fog nozzles overhead high pressure mist lines throughout the whole building.
  • Installation of CoolMist® Industrial PRO dust suppression system, built for endurance and powered by 1 x 3 phase high pressure (1,000) psi) pumping unit. 

The system was designed to clean the air allowing the smallest water particles possible to bind with the dust particles. This causes them to settle out of the air either returning back into the waste material or to the ground. Additionally, the interaction of the fine fog with hot air during the heat of summer cools the surrounding air increasing employee comfort and productivity.

The key reasons for which the Industrial PRO Dust suppression system was recommended by CoolMist Systems Australia:

  • Robust construction and high quality components for continuous operation in an industrial site
  • Pre-programmed and manual control options allowing the operator full control over the system
  • Efficient and economical operation - low power draw and water efficient 
  • Effective control system for suppression of airborne dust particles on the site 


The dust nuisance, on and offsite, was eliminated providing clean air and a safer environment for the workers. In summer months, the system's evaporative cooling effectiveness lowers the temperature to make the building more pleasant and reduces the risk of heat stress for anyone who works within the facility.

CoolMist Systems Australia supplies, designs and commissions highly effective dust suppression systems.

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Dust Suppression Waste Fogging System

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