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One of Australia's leading manufacturers of cement, lime and pre-packaged dry-blended products based in Adelaide, South Australia continually strives to understand and control their impact on the environment.


Prevent dust lift-off and migration off-site of raw materials at the product unloading point.
Create water droplet size small enough to capture dust particle diameters between 10~1000 micron (µm).
Satisfy EPA standards with a sufficient reduction in dust emissions to maintain and extend the company environmental licence.


A-JET® Turbo Fog Cannon
Product: A-JET® 35S Hydraulic Boom and Generator Trailer Unit

The CoolMist A-JET® 35S Turbo fog cannon has proven to be an effective solution for dust suppression in mining, quarrying and demolition industries. As part of the solution package on-site training was provided by one of CoolMist Systems Australia's certified technicians.

The misting cannon is on a 3-wheel trailer with an hydraulic arm that extends the cannon 6.1 metres. The powerful fan provides high launch efficiency to 35+ metres to reach the height needed to cover fugitive dust.

Dust Suppression Adelaide Fog Cannon

The key reasons the AJET® 35S Turbo Fog Cannon was recommended by CoolMist Systems Australia:

  • Variable water flow capability of the AJET® with its 2 separate cones of 32 nozzles (that can be used independently or together) provide the correct size droplets for the airborne dust particles, essential for agglomeration and returning the fines to the stockpile. 
  • 360° oscillation and -15° to +55° tilt allows the operator flexibility and control in variable wind conditions. 
  • 3 wheel trailer provides mobility with easy positioning of the machine to any area requiring dust suppression.
  • On-board generator for increased versatility on-site
  • 100% remote control allows the operator to set the parameters for automated operation. 
  • All the machine components are enclosed in an 8mm steel body and designed to operate at high temperatures to meet demanding environmental conditions.


The A-JET35S® Turbo fog cannon is keeping dust emissions down as expected by the company. The feedback received from the staff and senior management has been positive. 

The EPA viewed the unit in operation and noted an 80% reduction in dust emissions signing off on the company's Environmental Impact Plan.

Whether you are in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and you have areas around your work site that can use 'self-contained' dust cannon options for your dust suppression solution, call 1300 266 564. 

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