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Limit the Spread of Viruses with a Disinfectant Misting System

Microscopic germs and bacteria

With the flu season and the newly discovered coronavirus (COVID-19) upon us, facility maintenance personnel are working harder than ever to keep germs at bay. Infectious germs survive on surfaces for some time, so it is necessary to sanitise as many common surfaces as possible, and more frequently. This puts extra demands on employees who are already working hard to meet their workplaces’ cleaning and sanitation standards.

As restrictions ease and people return to their workplace, school, shopping centres, and hospital patient and visitor numbers increase, even more pressure is put upon facilities to keep all areas free from germs.

How can large surface areas be effectively sanitised against the flu and other germs?

CoolMist Systems Australia has developed a system dispersing disinfectant with our built-for-purpose DMS misting system. It is a fast and effective way to sanitise the environment. Requiring minimal effort, the misting system delivers disinfectant to penetrate all surfaces including hard to reach corners and crevices in a matter of minutes, while providing better coverage than using the traditional spray and wipe method.

Unlike manual application, CoolMist® Disinfectant Misting Systems (DMS), deliver a uniform, reliable and rapid coverage of all exposed surfaces. This thorough treatment with antiviral / antibacterial agent helps limit flu viruses, bacteria and mould on surfaces that can otherwise be difficult to reach or missed.

The super-fine mist evaporates quickly allowing it to be safely applied in rooms with electronic equipment.

CoolMist Disinfectant Misting System

Our systems have been developed for use with hospital-grade antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant agents of your choice. 

Using CoolMist® Disinfectant Misting System to sanitise surfaces helps workers easily tackle high touch point areas such as:

  • Door handles
  • Tables and chairs
  • Carpets and soft furnishings
  • Hard floor areas 
  • Computer keyboards
  • Canteens
  • Common rooms and areas
  • Locker / change rooms

This makes Disinfectant Misting Systems from CoolMist Systems Australia an ideal choice for medical facilities, schools, nursing homes, office buildings, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and child care facilities.

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