Humidity Control in Wine Cellars and Barrel Rooms -

Wine barrel storage cooling solutions. Improve relative humidity and reduce evaporation of wine through barrels. Ideal for large wineries, barrel cellars and wine storage warehouses.

Misting and fogging solutions for Humidification and Climate Control in Wine Barrel Storage, Warehouses and Cellar Rooms

Restore humidity and temperature levels and improve product quality and profit.

While it is widely documented that wine needs to be stored at a constant temperature after bottling the same holds true while wine is being matured in barrels. Cellars, barrel rooms and warehouses need to be kept at a constant humidity level of between 75 – 85%. Lower than this and the wine matures too quickly risking a lower quality product. Higher than this and mould can start to grow. Lower humidity levels can also lead to higher evaporation levels resulting in wine loss of up to 15%. Maintaining constant humidity levels and temperature are therefore critical to profitability and product quality.

Benefits of humidity and climate control mist system

 Maintain constant and precise humidity levels
Reduce wine loss due to evaporation to less than 1% per annum
"Topping Off" process is almost non-existent
Consistent and higher quality wine
Humidistat control ensures the correct relative humidity levels
High pressure misting is cost effective

A properly designed and installed misting system from CoolMist using a humidistat control maintains optimal and precise humidity levels and gives you complete control over your humidity system. Regardless of the external climatic conditions you can keep the desired environment for your wine at all times.

" We are very pleased with the mist system you designed and installed into our wine storage facility. Storing 400,000 litres of wine ready for export, it is very important for us to have a cool environment and keep the temperature at the correct level. Your advice, recommendations and your teams professionalism and workmanship is second to none.

You have exceeded our expectations and allowed us to maintain the quality of the wine."

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