Mining - Dust Suppression Systems

Mining - Dust Suppression Systems

Dust control for stockpiles, rom bins, drop points, material conveyor belts, storage bins and mining activities.

Powerful dust suppression solutions for Mining facilities with industrial fogging systems from CoolMist.

Good management of dust is essential to the wellbeing of your employees and the environment.  

Dust has a significant health and environmental impact associated within many areas of the mining industry. Any dust, no matter how small, poses a threat to workers health, as well as having a significant impact on the running costs of machinery on a mine. It is the most common health and safety issue facing management and workers.

Unique solutions have to be found to address the environmental and human impact that dust and temperature have. On a mine site this can be from the quarry to the conveyor belts to the loading bays, including crushers, mills and separators, which all contribute to a high generation of dust from these facilities.

CoolMist Systems Australia design, supply and install high pressure misting systems tailored to suit your site’s particular needs. These high pressure systems are the key to effective dust control. Our systems are designed to target breathable and fugitive dust particles from 3 to 500 microns. The Dust Control Systems can be installed to combat general airborne dust over a large area or they can be installed at the point where dust generation occurs. When open spaces require dust suppression, and a static line system is not a practical option, the solution may lie with the introduction of an ‘A-JET Turbo Fog’ dust suppression machine to the site.

Proven, Efficient and Effective Dust Suppression Method
High pressure misting systems, also referred to as fog systems are the most effective and economically viable means of dust suppression. Compared to traditional extraction systems, mist systems are far more economical, safer than baghouses and more effective than cyclone dust suppression systems. Our industrial mist systems avoid moisture problems of common water spray type systems, and with very low power, low water consumption and lower maintenance, CoolMist dust suppression systems operational costs are minimal.

Benefits of the CoolMist Dust Suppression System

Micro-fine droplets 10 micron or less attract and suppress PM10 dust particles removing them from the air
High concentration of micro-fine fog droplets matched in size to dust molecules, cleaning, cooling and conditioning the air
Less wear and tear on equipment reducing maintenance costs
Increased visibility for a safer and more productive workplace
Does not wet your surrounds - process material, machinery and personnel stay dry
Reduces the risk of dust explosion and fire
Cleans the air for a healthier environment
Lower operating costs – uses only a fraction of power consumed by conventional systems
Higher productivity – safer, cooler and more comfortable workplace
Lower litigation risk and ease regulatory body concerns

Dust Suppression Solutions – Tailored for your site
Working with you we will tailor an effective dust suppression system to your unique facility rather than using a one size fits all approach. We’ll design your system so that fog is concentrated where it is needed most, capturing and suppressing the dust without wetting the process material, your equipment and facilities. Inside or out our systems combat dust over large areas or they can be installed at the point where dust generation occurs.

We supply the total package including installation and commissioning, locally and interstate to help you meet environmental air quality standards and protect workers’ health.

Dust-suppression-systemDust suppression system- Jaw crusherA-JET fogging cannon - dust suppressionIndustrial fogging system - customised

Why is water droplet size a key factor for effective dust suppression?

By producing a large surface area of atomized water droplets (around 10 microns in size) optimum performance for attraction and suppression of PM 10 and smaller dust particles is achieved. Once surrounded by a dense fog cloud the dust particles have little chance to escape.

A properly designed and installed misting system can suppress and remove breathable fugitive dust particles as small as 1 micron in diameter and easily exceed the EPA PM10 standards for dust suppression. Our team assess the site and dust intensity matching water droplet size to corresponding dust particle size facilitating higher dust containment.

A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon
Using exclusive technology, the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon has been engineered for efficient and effective dust suppression in harsh environments like mining. The hydraulic machines are robust, versatile and simple to operate with remote control and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured in standard modules, A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon is available in a basic configuration and upgraded with various components such as rising boom, trailer and generator. The range includes pole mount, wall mount, roof mount, self-contained mobile machines, trailer, skid or crawler mounted or alternatively fixed or mounted onto any vehicle.

This ground breaking heavy duty dust suppression machine sets new benchmarks in safety, efficiency and environmental impact without compromising on performance output. Designed for low power and water use, the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon combines a powerful fan with high launch efficiency of between 20m and 65m, to cover areas of up to 13,000 square metres.

Micro nozzles mounted on individual crowns atomise water into billions of micro-fine droplets that readily bond to similar sized airborne dust particles, resulting in extremely effective and efficient dust suppression.

With the A-JET Turbo Fog Cannon you can:

Effectively capture dust particles of PM20 or less reducing breathable or fugitive dust in the surrounding air
Use significantly less water than traditional water sprinklers and hose systems
Limit muddy and boggy conditions /problems as there is minimal or no groundwater present
Reduce clean-up costs as the surrounding surface area has little moisture
Prevent site and demolition rubble from over saturation, saving dollars in trucking weight to landfill
Decrease machine maintenance costs by lowering equipment abrasion rates caused by dust
Reduce personnel costs employed to spray the work site freeing up manpower for more important tasks
Improve work force safety with an automated remote controlled system
Support local Council and EPA/DEC regulations by significantly reducing dust
Emissions from your business operation abiding with ambient air quality standards

Implementing a dust suppression misting system will also result in a longer lifespan of the machinery that is used on site as dust particles will not invade the moving parts of the machinery. A high pressure misting system ensures that there is no moisture accumulation on the equipment and machinery, and neither on the environment, which means no puddles and therefore no mud.

Industry specific case studies have shown a proven capability of suppressing dust from a minimum of 50% to 92% of airborne dust. These case studies are available upon request.

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CoolMist provide tailored dust control solutions for a healthier environment, let us help you with your dust management system. Call 1300 266 564 today or fill in the form below to speak with one of our friendly team members. 

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