Industrial Mist Cooling -

Warehouse cooling, Recycling plants, Fire and emergency services, cement curing, Smelting plants and Foundries, Factories, Oil Rigs

Large open workshops, warehouses, factories, smelting plants and foundries, packing sheds and fire and emergency workers are difficult to keep cool in summer and the risk of heat stress is high.

Misting systems keep your workers safe from the heat and allow them to stay cool and more productive while on the job. Machines and processes are more efficient and reliable.

By cooling your staff, equipment and processes you can create a safer and more productive working environment. Cooler staff are more alert, efficient and productive. Cooler machines have less breakdowns, last longer and can produce more.

High-Pressure Misting Systems, High-Pressure Misting Fans and High-Pressure Mobile Mist Fans are very effective in combating heat related problems. Our industrial misting systems can be placed anywhere throughout the plant and provide extensive cooling without wetness.

Misting systems are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit your requirements. Our industrial misting systems can be designed to be either fixed or portable to provide you with maximum effectiveness. Automated controls allow you complete flexibility to adjust to your facility requirements. Misting or cooling zones can be located throughout your facility as an area your staff can visit to revive and recover from the effects of excessive heat.


Dissipate high heat emissions and improve manufacturing process and production

Cool large warehouses without wetting any surface wetting

Satisfy OH&S requirements with a safer work environment, and improve employee comfort and morale

Improved efficiency and accuracy saves on costly downtime

Increase productivity of your workforce and start saving on lost output immediately

Heat Stress is reduced dramatically

Save on absenteeism and staff high turnover generated by physical discomfort and low employee morale

Areas of Application include turbines, packing sheds, warehouses, mechanical and tyre fitting workshops, smelting plants and foundries, staff break areas and many more...



Lower the temperature by up to 15°C

Flash evaporation means your staff, machines and work areas do NOT get wet

Our systems are:

Economical and Reliable

Energy efficient, low running cost

Environmentally friendly and use minimal water


"Many thanks, our shed is so much cooler! By listening to your advice and guidance, we installed the system ourselves and are amazed by the temperature drop we are able to achieve - 45 degrees outside - 28 degrees inside, fantastic."

Eddie, Calypso Plantation - Carnarvon

Recommended Products for cooling small, medium and large areas.

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