Residential Misting Systems -

Misting systems for your patio and alfresco areas. CoolMist keeps you Cool and refreshed on those hot Summer Days. Add mist effects to your garden

Home misting systems to keep you Cool!

CoolMist will turn your outdoor area into the most refreshing room of the house - with no wetting, no dripping and minimum running costs!   

High pressure mist cooling is the ideal method to cool open outdoor areas effectively and efficiently. If you have an outdoor living area that becomes an uncomfortable, unusable space during summer then CoolMist® has the solution for you.

By installing a CoolMist system designed just for you, we can help you get instant relief from the heat. Your outdoor area will be transformed instantly into a cool, refreshing and comfortable space to relax and/or entertain family and friends. 

A well-designed home misting system makes a remarkable addition to your backyard or patio and will run at optimal performance and cost efficiency. 

With a CoolMist Outdoor Cooling System you can:
  • Increase your comfort level outdoors
  • Regulate the temperature in a natural and effective way
  • Keep you and your guests cooler by up to 15°C
  • Create a relaxing environment
  • Deter flies and insects
  • Reduce dust and pollen

Cyclic misting with a programmable timer dictates work/pause times
Flash evaporation process means you do NOT get wet!
Extremely low cost operation and environmentally friendly with low water use
Requires very little maintenance

Your Home Misting System is Perfect for:
BBQ's, parties or simply relaxing on hot summer days
Pets love it
Your plants will love it too!
Fog and mist-scaping effects;

CoolMist® have systems for small, medium or large areas, all with exceptional durability and quality. We provide custom designed systems, professional installation as well as self-installation kits complete with detailed DIY instructions. Whether you are located in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or any other part of Australia, we can provide you with the ultimate outdoor cooling system.

Outdoor Cooling Kits are regularly sent around Australia and are easily installed. Our kits include everything you need to complete installation and a detailed DIY instruction manual with all the information you need to assist you in assembling your system.

"Before we had our CoolMist system installed we were unable to use our verandah area on hot summer days because of the heat and flies. Now we use this area all the time to relax and especially enjoy our Sunday lunches even on the hottest days. The DIY instruction guide provided us with all the information we needed to install the system ourselves."

Peter and Tanya - Cessnock NSW

Let us help you transform your outdoor living areas. For outdoor summer comfort call and speak directly to one of our friendly team on 1300 266 564, they'll provide a mist cooling system tailored to your home. 

Mist cooling for homeMist cooling provides relief from the heat even on the hottest days!Mist fan and mist line system combine for ultimate coolingMist line system in slip-lock stainless steel

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