Greenhouse climate control -

Fog systems maintain precise humidity for optimum growing conditions.

Misting and Fogging systems for Humidification and Environmental Control for greenhouses, garden centres and propagation.    

Super-charge your greenhouse with a misting system 

Natural and climatic conditions cause humidity to vary greatly which can affect plant health and yield. By using the right techniques to control the environment, you can make the conditions in your greenhouse ideal.

Low humidity and high temperatures cause poor plant growth and tissue damage due to loss of energy through evaporation of water from the plant leaves. CoolMist offer misting and fog based solutions to provide the ideal micro-climate throughout the year ensuring better plant growth and increased yields. 

Combining water under high-pressure with precision engineered nozzles a micro-fine fog is created and suspended in the air quickly evaporating without wetting to humidify and cool the air across the entire greenhouse. This allows the essential moisture and humidity within the greenhouse to remain at the optimum level to eliminate plant water stress, inhibit disease and promote healthy thriving plants. 

Greenhouse Climate Control Solutions - tailored to your site

Not every greenhouse or situation is the same, and each project requires an individual design to create the best growing environment. Working with you we will tailor an effective and efficient humidity and temperature control system that fits your operation. Our technology achieves continuous and even distribution of fog to maintain a stable and uniform environment.

A properly designed and installed misting system maintains the required humidity level without fallout or wetness and prevents crop damage. Utilising sensors and control panels you can pre-program your system to provide you with the optimal growing conditions for your crop in any climate year-round.

We supply the total package including installation and commissioning, locally and interstate to help you keep your greenhouse productive regardless of the season/achieve the highest productivity from your greenhouse environment.

The environment produced by our systems is suitable for greenhouses, garden centres, mushroom cultivation, propagation and seed germination.


Uniform plant growth
Higher density planting
Healthy stronger plants providing better yields
Prevent growth lag caused by unfavourable climatic conditions
Inhibit disease and reduce crop loss during rooting, germination and propagation
Automatic control of humidity and temperature levels for propagation and growth
Grow year-round in any climate
Improved working conditions



Large range of high pressure pump modules to meet any need
High pressure flexible or stainless-steel atomisation line for even fog distribution
Precision Fog nozzles,
Regulate and control temperature and humidity levels for even propagation and growth
Total control with Humidity and Temperature sensor devices
Zone Control options available
Energy efficient and low volume water use keep operational costs down
Conserve water and electrical use and reduce overall operating cost  

Our systems offer many different combinations, consult with our team today to ensure the best solution for your set-up. 

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