Disinfectant Misting Systems -

Fast, uniform disinfection using misting in-room, entrance, exit to hospitals, aged care, schools, shops, workplaces, airports, stadiums, vehicles.

Predictable, reliable, fast and effective disinfection.

CoolMist Disinfectant Misting Systems (DMS) takes the anti-microbial power of disinfectant and atomises it to deliver a fine mist, coating all exposed surfaces.   

Unique, robust, customisable and built for purpose, our disinfectant misting systems generate an unimpeded fog to quickly disperse disinfectant vapour of concentrated micro-droplets killing germs on surfaces. The system does not rely on any individual for its application and is therefore uniform, reliable and predictable. 

Operating with a high-pressure mist pump, swirling micro-particles penetrate all surfaces including small cracks, crevices, furnishings and even door handles in a matter of minutes. CoolMist DMS systems can disinfect irregular surfaces impossible to sanitise by other methods. 

Helping to limit the spread of viral and bacterial infections

Using your preferred water soluble TGA hospital-grade disinfectant or sanitising agent, the system emits a fast evaporating mist /  fog for maximum antimicrobial action. Implementing this method of application, the disinfectant can kill many pathogens on contact, no wiping is necessary. 

Fabricated locally in Perth, Western Australia, CoolMist can customise your solution.

Disinfectant Misting Delivery units include:
  • Mobile units sized to clients needs,
  • Semi-permanent or permanent structures,
  • Whole building system integrated with BMS and
  • Disinfection of vehicles and chassis.

Let's elevate the standard for disinfection, together


Below is a snapshot of our capabilities.

DMS1 - easy to maneuver mobile unit for in-room use provides uniform, fast and efficient disinfection. Suited for use in hospitals, clinics, day surgeries, nursing homes, care homes, long-term care, aged-care facilities, schools, colleges, universities, staff canteens.

DMSP - The Portal (Gate) personnel disinfection zone. Fast, continuous disinfection of people in entrances and exits. Automatic photocell activation and deactivation limits disinfectant use and provides no touch sanitisation. Suited for use at hospitals, shopping centres, nursing homes, airports, train stations, stadiums, anywhere a lot of people gather and germs can be spread.

DMSV - Vehicle disinfection system. Modular system designed to prevent the spread of disease and virus in working areas at risk. Suited for emergency service vehicles, people transport and animal transport.

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