Demolition, Quarrying, Tunneling

Demolition, Quarrying, Tunneling

Mitigate dust generated from Demolition and Quarrying processes and protect people, property and the environment

Dust suppression using misting and fogging cannons.

Solving dust problems in outdoor workplaces such as demolition sites, quarries and aggregate processing plants is commonly reliant on hand-held hosepipes and sprinklers to wet down the area in order to suppress dust.

However, these systems offer limited benefit in containing surface dust and consume a lot of water and form muddy and boggy conditions, which can transport dust off-site affecting public roads and expanding the problem.  

Dust suppression using water is an important approach and applying atomised mist at high velocities over large areas is a highly successful method to limit dust lift-off as well as bring down airborne dust.


Why is water droplet size important for effective dust suppression?

Effective dust control requires the optimum size water droplets to collide and agglomerate to the dust particles present causing them to fall from the air. When the water droplet diameter is larger than the dust particle diameter, the dust particle will follow the air stream around the droplet and remain in the atmosphere. When both the diameter of the water droplet and the dust particle are comparable, the dust particle will follow the air stream and collide with the droplet removing it from the air.

Most dust formed in Quarries, Demolition and Tunnelling is between 25-500 microns therefore understanding the particle size, type and quantity of the dust is critical in effective system design.


The A-JET® fog cannon is an efficient and effective method for large scale dust suppression. These innovative dust fighting machines use far less water than the common spray systems and suppress 50-90% of fugitive dust generated.

Designed to emit high volume mist using an extremely low volume of water, the A-JET® fog cannon combines a powerful turbo fan with high launch range from 20m to 60m and can oscillate almost full circle, to cover areas up to 13,000 square metres.

Benefits of A-JET® fog cannons

High volume fine mist agglomerates with similar size dust particles dropping them from the air
Minimal absorbed power and Low water volume reduces consumption and associated costs
Limit run-off and boggy conditions to ensure a safer and more efficient worksite
Save Water 1:20 Ratio
Proven to suppress dust from 50-92%
Eliminates the need to hand-spray debris
Prevent site and demolition rubble from over saturation, saving dollars in trucking weight to landfill
Improves work force safety with an automated remote controlled system
Emissions from your business operation abiding with ambient air quality standards


Dust Suppression Solutions – Tailored for your site

Working with you we will tailor an effective dust mitigating system to your unique site rather than a one size fits all approach. Our A-JET® Turbo fog cannon range is available in a basic configuration and upgraded with various components unique to your site requirements.

Robust, versatile with safe and simple operation using remote control the machines are available in a range of sizes and can be adapted to outdoor or indoor dust areas.

Micro nozzles mounted on individual crowns atomise water into billions of micro-fine droplets that readily bond to similar sized airborne dust particles, resulting in extremely effective and efficient dust suppression. In addition, nozzle sizes can be varied for different applications to deliver the optimum spray pattern and droplet size to suit the type of dust addressed. The machines can be set up to contain both surface dust and airborne dust without saturation problems.

Adjustable water flow lets you regulate the volume of water discharged from the fog cannon for effective dust suppression using the least amount of water. 

Industry specific case studies have shown a proven capability of suppressing dust from a minimum of 50% to 92% of airborne dust. These case studies are available upon request.


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