Outdoor Cooling with Mist Line Systems and Mist fans for Hospitality Industry


The Mean Fiddler is an iconic Irish Pub. The Heritage Building fronting Windsor Road was designed by Sir Francis Greenway in 1826 as a half way house for Cobb & Co, to service the Parramatta to Windsor run.

Sandstone was quarried in Parramatta and transported by oxen drawn carts to build the structure which today is listed on our National Heritage Register...

Multiple outdoor areas including dining, beer garden, mosh pit and playground became very uncomfortable and were under-utilised in the hot summer months. Outdoor diners were harassed by flies. Independent operation of each area was required. An energy efficient system was a priority.

Solution: CoolMist Professional Series Mist Cooling System
The CoolMist Professional Series Mist Cooling System was installed to attract customers and provide a cool and comfortable experience.

The system is powered by 3 x 3 phase high pressure (1000 psi) pumping units with ultra mist nozzles and anti-drip feature. The design consisted of mist line and CM industrial rated mist fans. The misting fans were installed where natural air-flows were non-existent to provide a temperature reduction up to 15° celcius. Integration with the BMS system of the venue allowing the operator full control over all the areas to meet business demands.

As part of the solution package on-site training for the system operation was provided by one of our certified technicians. The CoolMist Professional Series Outdoor Cooling System has proven to be an effective solution for Outdoor Cooling in the hospitality industry.

Venue cooling with misting systems

The key reasons for which the Professional Series Outdoor Cooling System was suggested by CoolMist:

  • Robust construction and high quality components for continuous operation over an 8 hour period, 7 days per week during the summer months
  • Ease of operation and integration with the existing BMS at the venue to allow central control of the system


The result met and exceeded the operators expectations. A comfortable environment was created and customers and staff are cooler and happier in these areas during the summer season.

There was a noticeable reduction in flies making the outdoor dining experience more pleasurable. As a consequence customers utilise all these outdoor areas extending trade and providing a steady revenue base over the whole venue. The sizable cooling system is efficient and economical to run using less than $2.50/day in power and water consumption. The operator is very happy with the outcome.

This Professional Series System was installed in 2006 and although the Mean Fiddler has undergone a refurbishment in late 2014 the system is still in service.


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