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Transforming your Home Patio into a Cool Outdoor Living Space!

Transforming your Home Patio into a Cool Outdoor Living Space!
06 Oct 2015 Helen Smith

Why should you have to retreat from your beautiful outdoor oasis when temperatures start to soar? In our Australian climate, our outdoor living space has become an extension of the home for barbecuing, dining, entertaining, and just relaxing under endless sunshine and blue skies. But when temperatures start to climb, are you forced to abandon your beautiful outdoor setting and head indoors for months on end? Continue reading  >

A cool breeze in summer is refreshing so it’s not surprising that there is an increased demand for outdoor cooling in the hotter summer months. “Most people have experienced mist cooling at their local restaurant or at the pub so the demand for these systems in private homes has increased dramatically in recent years,” said Kim Smith, General Manager of CoolMist Systems Australia.

With the growing trend for outdoor rooms, we’re seeing transformations from the pergola into complete alfresco living spaces. More than ever before, mist systems are being incorporated in these areas as people strive to create a resortstyle living and entertaining experience. Combining the comfort of the indoors with the natural climate of the outdoors has become easier and are the essence of luxury living with the development in the range of mist cooling systems, that are available.

Designing a great mist cooling system for your outdoor area requires expertise knowledge and experience; it also requires an understanding of the elements involved in adiabatic cooling principles.

A well planned and designed mist system uses “flash evaporation” to cool outdoor spaces. If you’re thinking a misting system means guests, furniture and patio areas drenched in puddles of water, you can rest easy. The secret of successful misting is to have the mist evaporate virtually the moment it meets the air.

Professional misting companies with their own installation technicians are experts in identifying the best placement for your misters, and ensuring they are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective.

Be wary of the backyard guy. When selecting a misting system, shop for experience and integrity. Consider the length of time the supplier has been in the misting business. Is it their core business or a sideline? Do they design, install and service their systems? Are parts readily available if needed? Do they have references you can contact? Do they have any systems / installations in your area that you can see?

When you work with a well chosen supplier, together you can determine what your needs are and the best way to address them.

Our friendly team are happy to help you with design and installation of a misting system for your entertaining area. Call us on 1300 266 564.

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