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Are Australian summers now twice as long as winter?
Helen Smith 21 Feb 2020

January 2020 was the warmest on record globally. New temperature highs have become more frequent and commonplace. Recently, I received a message from a friend who lives in Europe. She said "Nature is disturbed..the daffodils are starting to come out, normally this happens at the end of March."  

Landscape and themed fog effects
Landscape and themed fog effects
Helen Smith 12 Dec 2019

Misting and Fogging Effects - Enhance and Showcase your Project with Subtle or Spectacular Fog Effects.

Animal and Livestock Cooling with mist systems
Animal and Livestock Cooling with mist systems
Helen Smith 27 Sep 2017

Summertime weather can be too hot to handle for many animals. Unlike humans, most animals can't sweat to reduce body heat. Generally, animals with fur or feathers, pant expelling excess heat in their breath. Whilst panting compensates by providing an outlet for the animal’s extra body heat, even more care needs to be taken to prevent our animals from overheating and becoming a victim of "Heat Stress".

Make the most of your outdoor living space
Make the most of your outdoor living space
Helen Smith 09 Oct 2015

Living in Australia, we are naturally drawn to the outdoors; brekkies on the verandah, lunch on the patio and back yard BBQ's, we all love the great outdoors. Just as importantly, we like to socialise and today that means outdoor entertaining in comfort and style. Therefore it’s no surprise that creating outdoor rooms has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends in Australia today. Whether a patio, balcony or a transformation into a complete alfresco living room with outdoor kitchen, dining, and lounge to laze on while watching the TV, comfort in these outdoor spaces all year round has become an important consideration for the homeowner. Continue reading >  

Transforming your Home Patio into a Cool Outdoor Living Space!
Transforming your Home Patio into a Cool Outdoor Living Space!
Helen Smith 06 Oct 2015

Why should you have to retreat from your beautiful outdoor oasis when temperatures start to soar? In our Australian climate, our outdoor living space has become an extension of the home for barbecuing, dining, entertaining, and just relaxing under endless sunshine and blue skies. But when temperatures start to climb, are you forced to abandon your beautiful outdoor setting and head indoors for months on end? Continue reading  >  

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