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Make the most of your outdoor living space

Make the most of your outdoor living space
09 Oct 2015 Helen Smith

Living in Australia, we are naturally drawn to the outdoors; brekkies on the verandah, lunch on the patio and back yard BBQ's, we all love the great outdoors. Just as importantly, we like to socialise and today that means outdoor entertaining in comfort and style. Therefore it’s no surprise that creating outdoor rooms has become one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends in Australia today. Whether a patio, balcony or a transformation into a complete alfresco living room with outdoor kitchen, dining, and lounge to laze on while watching the TV, comfort in these outdoor spaces all year round has become an important consideration for the homeowner. Continue reading >

A cool breeze in summer is refreshing and in the winter months the radiant warmth of the sun is always welcome. Therefore it’s not surprising that the alfresco concept has driven demand for outdoor cooling in the hotter summer months and heating solutions for the cooler months of the year.

“Most people have experienced mist cooling and some form of outdoor heating at their local restaurant or at the pub so the demand for these systems in private homes has increased dramatically in recent years.” Said Kim Smith, General Manager of CoolMist Systems Australia and Heating Outdoors.

“Recently, we have seen a growth for mist cooling systems and outdoor heaters as an integral part of the design stage in alfresco areas for new home builders and renovators.”

Combining the comfort of the indoors with the natural climate of the outdoors has become easier and are the essence of luxury living with the development in the range of mist cooling systems, radiant electric heaters and functional fire tables that are available.

When planning for cooling or heating in your alfresco space, integration and function is the key. Placement of your heating and/or cooling system is important so that you have the best comfort level when and where you need it most.

Consider integration, will your choice complement and blend harmoniously with your outdoor living area? If space is limited, static mist line or wall fan systems may be a better option than portable fans with onboard tanks. Likewise, wall/ceiling infrared radiant heaters keep your area clear and are more practical than freestanding gas space heaters. Alternatively, if you have a larger area, sitting around a fire table provides a wonderful ambience and comfort, and is a great social space whether it is enjoyed with family or friends.

Integrating mist cooling and/or outdoor heating into your home is important so while there are some fine companies out there, you need to find a company that understands your needs and can blend your outdoor comfort systems seamlessly into your alfresco space.

A specialized company can assist with planning; design and installation to assure you get the best placement and efficiency for your outdoor cooling and heating systems. They’ll take the guesswork out of planning and budgeting. They’ll supply high quality products and design the most efficient and economic solution that meets your expectations for ambient comfort in your outdoor space.

When you work with an industry specialist, together you can determine what your needs are and the best way to address them. 

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