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Humidification of fresh fruit and vegetables in Australia

Humidification of fresh fruit and vegetables in Australia
05 Oct 2015 Helen Smith

Misting fresh produce has been used for decades around the world, however in Australia it is still a relatively new concept to the fresh food industry. When buying fresh fruit and vegetables often the decision to buy from one fresh produce retailer over another is based on appearance, freshness, visible quality and price of a product. Dried out or wilted products cloud the image of freshness and compromise good sales.

Fresh produce on display rapidly loses freshness because its natural moisture evaporates into the surrounding air. Produce that is stored in refrigerated cabinets lose their moisture faster. Fridge compartments, non-refrigerated aisles and storerooms are all low humidity environments (50/60%). 

Mist humidification systems are extremely effective in keeping fresh produce hydrated so that the product maintains moisture throughout the course of its shelf-life.  By keeping fresh fruit and vegetables hydrated moisture loss is reduced and the size and weight of the produce remains stable. 

Produce misting without wetting

Non-misted produce begins to dehydrate very quickly resulting in a considerable drop in weight. In fact, vegetables can lose between 15-58% of their weight, the financial implications which result are significant to the fresh produce retailer. 

High pressure mist humidification systems cut weight loss by as much as 90% and extend freshness up to 72 hours, losses in fresh fruit and vegetable products are minimised. Appearance and freshness are important to your customer, a high pressure mist humidification system will help you keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and desirable to your customer. 

There are a few reasons why high pressure mist systems are essential for fresh produce humidification and improving the profitability for commercial businesses. Contact CoolMist at 1300 266 564 for more information. Otherwise, keep checking our blog as we explore the many uses and benefits or a CoolMist high pressure humidification system. 

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