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Dust Suppression Systems - Fog Cannons - Dust Control Systems

Dust Suppression Systems - Fog Cannons - Dust Control Systems
24 Aug 2018 Helen Smith

Fog cannons (also known as dust suppression cannons, spray cannons, mist cannon, dust binding machines, dust fighters etc.) are designed for effective dust control. They are a proactive approach improving health and safety by effectively removing airborne dust.

Water pressurised through micro-jet nozzles is atomized into billions of micro-fine droplets. The fine mist is dispersed into the air by a powerful fan and can reach a range up to 150 metres. The fine water droplets readily bond with airborne dust particles, agglomerate and drop from the air suppressing the dust.

Fog or mist cannons are a powerful weapon in the mining and construction industry and are designed to minimize effects of dangerous dust. These industry essentials help improve the air quality for your workers and suppress dust quickly and safely.

Our dust defeating A-JET fog cannons can be used in a range of conditions such as construction and demolition, concrete and aggregates, cement, coal and iron ore. They quickly disperse dust from hazardous environments and instantly improve the quality of the air.

The A-JET fog cannons are simple to use, easily transported around site and / or fixed in a permanent position and provide you with a system that is best suited to your needs.

Available in a range of sizes and with variable flow rates, they are a powerful and effective dust defeating solution.

To find out more about our fog cannons and dust suppression machines, contact us today. Call us and speak to a member of our team or hit the “contact us” button. One of our team will be in touch to discuss your options.

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