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Cool Off in Style with Patio Misting Fans

Cool Off in Style with Patio Misting Fans
01 Oct 2017 Helen Smith

If you have always appreciated the gentle breeze of ceiling fans on a big open deck or covered patio, then we invite you to consider our 360 Cool Mist fans Continue reading >

An innovative product our Mist Fan 360 range is the ultimate outdoor cooling system that integrates state-of-the-art misting system with a fan, to transform your outdoor area into a cool and comfortable oasis. These fans are the perfect addition to any home or commercial property as they not only provide air circulation but actually cool the air through the combination of the cooling technology of a misting system.

Perfect for bars, restaurants, cafes, resorts or even your own home, these elegant and exclusive ceiling fans will compliment your outdoor space. Mounted to the ceiling and driven by a high-pressure 850psi pump, a dry, ultra-fine mist is emitted. A single Mist Fan 360 delivers a complete circle of cool mist that can lower the temperature of a 30 sq. metre space by up to 15 degrees.

The fan and mist and functions can be operated simultaneously or independently for greater flexibility.

The Style
Every detail of the ceiling fans help create an elegant and refreshing atmosphere. Made in Italy, 360 patio misting fans are available in white to compliment any design or decor.

The innovative design allows radial diffusion of cool air from the evaporation of microscopic water drops to cover an area up to 30 or 40 square metres (dependent on the model). Whether you need only 1 unit or 6 units, these patio mist fans will provide you a unique experience and allows you to utilize your outdoor space in the heat of summer. 

The Cooling Factor
The fans are equipped with either 6 (Mist Fan 360) or 8 (Panorama 360) anti-drip fog nozzles that encircle the fan grille. The nozzles emit a fine mist of water that drops the temperature and allows cool, dry air to circulate in a 360 degree pattern effectively cooling the entire area even when temperatures are extreme and humidity high.

Energy and water-efficient, the ceiling mist fan range is a first-class cooling system that will work wonders in your undercover space.

Organise your commercial mist fan system, get in touch with our friendly team today by email > or phone 1300 266 564.

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