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Automated Dust Suppression for Construction Sites

Automated Dust Suppression for Construction Sites
12 Mar 2019 Helen Smith

Airborne dust control on construction sites.

Dust during construction projects can have a serious impact on residents living and working in neighbouring properties near the work site. Not only does fugitive dust cause environmental nuisance, fine dust particles can cause respiratory and other serious health related illnesses.

Conventional measures used for dust control include hoses, water trucks, stabilisation additive, hydro mulch, dust monitors and dust fencing. While these measures provide some degree of dust containment, there are few techniques available that are not labour-intensive while being effective on both airborne particles and ground-level dust.

A-JET® Mist Cannons are specialised portable equipment designed specifically for dust control. Available in various sizes, the mist cannons combined with a powerful fan atomise water into a fine mist trapping dust and preventing it from migrating off-site. A-JET® A Series dust cannons can propel mist from 10 metres up to 80 lineal metres and with all-around oscillation a maximum ground coverage up to 20,000 square metres. A new addition to the range is A-JET® A150 unit designed for area coverage up to 65,000 square metres. 

Less is more. Micro water droplets + Just a little water = Better dust Suppression

When dust gets out of control more water won’t improve dust suppression. Water not applied correctly is wasteful and creates over-saturation and run-off creating residual problems and placing more pressure on the environment.

The atomised mist technology utilised by CoolMist A-JET® fog cannons combine small water droplets with the right amount of water to drive airborne dust particles to the ground and seal the ground surface to prevent fugitive dust. 

The units can be set-up to run from a potable or non-potable water supply and can be positioned according to the work area and wind direction. Compared to traditional methods that use large volumes of water, A-JET® Mist cannons are a valuable tool for effective and efficient dust suppression.  See our range of Mist Cannons >>

Are you looking for better dust suppression and control from your dust management plan? Call CoolMist 1300 266 564 for more information on automated A-JET® Mist Cannons. 

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