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Animal and Livestock Cooling with mist systems

Animal and Livestock Cooling with mist systems
27 Sep 2017 Helen Smith

Summertime weather can be too hot to handle for many animals. Unlike humans, most animals can't sweat to reduce body heat. Generally, animals with fur or feathers, pant expelling excess heat in their breath. Whilst panting compensates by providing an outlet for the animal’s extra body heat, even more care needs to be taken to prevent our animals from overheating and becoming a victim of "Heat Stress".

Heat Stress can lead to general discomfort, a decline in animal performance, poor growth, poor production, illness and even death. The best way to combat heat stress and keep your animals cool, safe and healthy is with the use of a high-pressure misting system.

Animal and livestock misting systems
Misting systems from CoolMist are the most effective cooling tool. They let you take control of your climate and keep your animals cool, safe and content. 

Our mist cooling systems are found in a variety of animal and livestock industries including:

Horse industry –thoroughbred breeding, race course day stables, horse barns and stables, equestrian,

Dog industry – boarding kennels, breeding kennels, rescue and adoption centres, K-9 centres
Cat industry – catteries boarding, breeding and adoption centres
Pig industry – breeding, wean to market,
Zoos – animal enclosures
Poultry farms – layers, broilers
Cattle farms – dairy sheds, feedlots, barns
Bird industry – aviaries, breeding,

The benefits of using high-pressure misting in your animal enclosure are unsurpassed when compared to other cooling systems. Working quickly, efficiently and effectively CoolMist animal misting system will ensure the animals and livestock in your care can remain comfortable and continue to grow, produce and perform at their peak.

Designed specifically for high-pressure, low volume water use; a simple flick of the switch and the automatic system will keep your enclosures cool and dry, and save you time spent manually wetting down areas. 

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to install a state-of-the-art mist system in your animal care facility. If you are looking for a tailor-made system designed to fit your exact cooling needs, then contact the misting and fogging experts at CoolMist to get started.  Over 30 years of combined industry experience in design, fabrication and installation, we’ll work with you to provide with a cooling system that will last for many years to come.


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