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Mastering dust control with misting and fogging technologies

Mastering dust control with misting and fogging technologies
13 Apr 2017 Helen Smith

Mist Cannon Dust Control

Mastering dust suppression and control with low volume mist not only saves water and power, it is key to efficient and effective dust suppression for health, safety and the environment.

The typical dust size range from mining activities consists of PM2.5 to PM10 (around 15-40%) and dust size greater than 10 µm comprises around 60% of total emissions. As there is no safe level of dust emissions, exposure to these fine dust particles pose a significant risk to workers’ health, therefore reducing dust is in everyone’s interest.

A-JET® Turbo Fog cannon dust solution is a giant in the misting sector. It’s an industrial system to safely suppress airborne dust particles emitted during mining activities and processes around the work site. Using inert material, only water and no chemicals, alleviates the risk of altering material characteristics while saving on the ongoing cost of additives and their impact on the environment.

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