Odour Neutralisers for Residential and Commercial applications -

Commercial and industrial grade odour neutralisers for use at Home, in Schools, Day Care Centres, Aged Care Facilities, Taxis, Veterinary Clinics and more...


Odour Neutralisers for commercial and domestic use

Strong odours can remain long after the area has been thoroughly cleaned. Removing unwanted odours that come from strong concentrated smells and accidental spills require products that are very effective in neutralising offending malodours and leave the air smelling neutral and fresh.

Remove offensive, bad smells at the odour source safely and naturally with OH So Fresh

Many odour eliminators available are technically known as "masking agents", and use a cover up fragrance to counter an unpleasant odour. Unfortunately, all too often these products disguise the bad smell for only a short period of time because the toxic gases and odours are not eliminated.

CoolMist premium odour neutraliser range has been developed specifically for use in both commercial and domestic environments where unwanted odour problems persist.

OH So FRESH premium odour neutraliser "brings a breath of fresh air" when combating unpleasant odours.

Using our products, you can stop bad odours quickly. CoolMist OH So FRESH range remove the source of the odour and is not just another masking agent. Each product captures and neutralises the offensive molecules by "switching them off" quickly, effectively and permanently.

Our products are used successfully and extensively world-wide for odour neutralisation and are highly regarded when compared to competitive products. 

Formulated with natural plant extracts our OH So FRESH products are Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Fully Bio-degradable, and 100% safe for people, pets and the environment.


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