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Dry cooling towers, HVAC units, AC Condensers, Data Centres, Shopping Centres and Commercial buildings.

Pre Cooling Condensers, HVAC and Refrigeration units with Mist Systems

Pre Cool Misting Systems improve the operating efficiency of industrial air cooled units and help you save money by reducing equipment power costs. 

In Australia's hot climate commercial and industrial air-conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC units perform at their worst. At a time when they are needed the most, cooling capacity is decreased by 14-15% and power consumption increases by 31%. When the outside air temperature "ambient air" exceeds 30 degrees C, HVAC units have to work harder to keep temperature inside the building cool. Even at this relatively low temperature air-conditioning units are not very efficient. 

Applying a fogging system to air-cooled chillers efficiency is substantially improved because the pre-cooling system lowers the air-temperature entering the condensers. Our misting systems assist in reducing the load placed on the condensers by lowering the units head pressure, amp draw and cycle time and help you avert poor performance and untimely shutdowns.

Pre Cool Misting Solutions tailored to your site

Upon consultation we'll recommend a system that best fits the needs of your site set-up. A well-designed and properly installed condenser pre cooling mist system from CoolMist can save you up to 30% on your cooling costs. Not only that, because your HVAC unit is no longer runnning under extreme duress/ pressure comfort levels within the building are improved.

Benefits of CoolMist Pre Cooling System:    

Air intake temperature at the coil lowered by up to 15 degrees Celcius
Energy consumption decreased, saving as much as 30% in running costs
Increases the efficiency of air-conditioning units by as much as 30%
Reduces system downtime
Improves occupant comfort level
Better cooling capacity of air cooled units with more efficient operation in hot and extreme conditions
Reduces your carbon footprint with lower kW consumption
Low water use when compared to traditional cooling methods
Extend equipment life, retrofit to existing condensers instead of installing new cooling units


Large range of high pressure pump modules to meet any job demand
High pressure flexible or stainless-steel atomisation line for even fog distribution
Precision Fog nozzles
Total control with Temperature sensor devices
Energy efficient and low volume water use keep operational costs down
Conserve water and electrical use and reduce overall operating cost

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