NEW! Fog APP: refreshing outdoor areas with smart phone control


Our latest solution for refreshing outdoor areas of bars, restaurants, homes and small and medium sized areas in a simple and effective way. The Fog APP allows management through the APP, downloadable for free from any Smartphone (both Android and IOS system). 

Fog APP module is easily connected to fan systems and in-line systems and operates at a pressure of 60 bar. Ultra-quiet and vibration free, it is available in two different models:
FOG APP 1 with 1l/min flow rate with up to 20 nozzle capacity
FOG APP 1.5 with 1.5l/min flowrate with up to 30 nozzle capacity


Using the touch dashboard, in addition to switching on/off and reset for system maintenance, the user can select the manual mode or activate the bluetooth for smartphone control. Through the App, you can manage pause/work time adn set the daily/weekly programming.


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